The end of Customer service training

No more training needed – We have heard it all: “I don’t have time to train our employees on Customer service” or “Customer service training is too expensive” or “It doesn’t work, they just go back to their old habits anyway” and “We do train them, on the first day of orientation we tell our employees to exceed Customer’s expectations.” So we listened and are helping you eliminate the need to train your employees on the art of Customer service. The vast majority of businesses view Customer service training as an expense versus an investment and barely train their employees on the soft skills, relationship building, and service recovery anyway. So instead of fighting the battle of the old-thinking paradigm, The DiJulius Group has come up with a revolutionary, back through device that will eliminate the need to train your employees on Customer service and you actually will get better results! Sounds too good to be true? Introducing the ZAPPER!

No magic bullet – Wouldn’t the Zapper have been nice? Well, besides being against all HR rules and employment laws, there is no shortcut to getting your employees to consistently deliver world-class Customer service. And if there were, there would be no need for managers. Companies don’t engage emotionally with their Customers-their employees do. If you want to create a memorable company, you have to train your employees on your company’s Customer service non-negotiable standards from the moment you hire and continuously through their employment. The quality of your Customer service, and the level of your organization’s Customer service, comes down to one thing and one thing only: The Service Aptitude of every employee you have.

It is not the new employees’ responsibility to have high Service Aptitude; it is the company’s job to teach it to them.

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Dave’s Corner
the following is written by Dave Murray,
Senior Customer Experience Consultant 

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Calling a Company Still Rules – I have to admit I was a bit surprised when I recently read Tricia Morris’s article regarding Customers’ preferred method of dealing with a company when they experience an issue. The article, “The 80’s called. They Want Their Customer Service Back,” not only had a fantastic title, but some great statistics. What I found surprising was that even with all of the new platforms out there such as on-line chat or quick-response Twitter- phone conversations still come in at the top of the list, and by a large margin. A recent Forrester Research study has shown that 73% of respondents preferred telephoning a live agent. A survey conducted by NICE found that 88% of respondents rate telephone as their preferred channel.

To me, that is great news! Yes, a call center can be more expensive to staff and maintain compared to other communication tools. But, by investing in the service you provide, your organization has the ability to turn your call center into a relationship center. No other communication method really offers the ability to personalize the experience as well as you can during a phone call. Investing (and yes, service is an investment-not an expense — in your company’s growth!) in the service experience being provided by your relationship center, you can build relationships, surprise and delight, build loyalty, and make price irrelevant. Make 2015 the year that your call center is transformed into a relationship center!!

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Dave Murray

Dave is the Senior Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group and has helped dozens of companies create incredible systems that allow them to consistently deliver superior customer service. Dave’s experience has varied from leading call centers and front-line team members, to working closely with key partners and stakeholders.