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1. Customer Service Feature Story

The foundation of every great culture is built on strong leaders who constantly recognize their employees’ contributions. However, when Dave Timmons was the SVP at Bank of America, he took it to another level. He says, “I asked one of my team members to head a special two-month-long project. She finished the project under budget, way ahead of schedule, and exceeded my expectations. So I wanted to do something special to thank her.” 

Timmons used a special form to get to know team members, asking them to share 10 of their favorite things (food, restaurant, shopping center, and so on) or some of their firsts (first car, first concert, and so on). “I knew this team member had a sports team she liked and particular places she liked to shop. However, I wanted to make this recognition extra special because she really deserved it.”

Timmons goes on, “About a month after she completed the project, a letter showed up in this team member’s mailbox addressed to her husband, Roger, and their three children, Emily, Shaun and Katrina. It read, ‘Dear Roger, Emily, Shaun, and Katrina: I want to tell you how special your wife and mother is. She just finished a project, and she is so appreciated at our company that I wanted you to know two things: First, how proud we are of her and how appreciative I am to you for allowing her to take time away from you to work for us. On behalf of our entire team and me, please surprise her with this gift certificate from Ann Taylor Loft, because we know that’s where she likes to shop. Sincerely, Dave Timmons, Senior Vice President.’”

Timmons explains, “When you engage the people employees care about, like their family, in their success, you hit a double home run. You can reward them with something—and that’s good. But if you want to go for the real wow, try to include their family. It especially gives the kids something nice to remember.”

Nothing is more important to anyone than his or her children. Ask your employee how their kids are doing. You can always jog your memory about their names by keeping your employee’s FORD updated in your mobile contacts app. 

John Ruhlin, in his book Giftology, underscores the importance of family by sharing something an early mentor told him: “All of my clients are married, and I find that if I take care of the family, everything else seems to take care of itself.” Inspired by that, Ruhlin has implemented his own innovations: “Treating our employees well is a top priority, which is why we pay to have their houses cleaned every other week. Happy employees have happy families.”

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2) Best Practice

Never say, “I am fine”

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I ask someone how they are doing and too often I hear, “Fine,” or “So far so good.” What you talk about you bring about. In most cases, most of us are doing fantastic. There are plenty of people that have it a lot worse. Consider these sobering statistics:

  • 150,000 people will die today
  • 2,750 people will find out they have cancer today

I can go on and on with other depressing stats. My point is, if you don’t fall into those categories, a headache, flat tire, or a spat with someone in your family shouldn’t change your perception of how incredibly fortunate you are.

3) Short Video You Need to Watch & Share With Your Team

How to Look for a Gift in Every Conversation

Want Stronger Employee Engagement? | The Dijulius Group4) Quote of The Week 

“Most CEOs fast-talk a commitment to customer experience but slow-walk execution.”


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