Measuring Satisfaction Scores

Having strong Key Performance Indicators that are tied directly to your 94103839 997c 41d3 8eb6 5d3e4daf9122, The DiJulius Groupcompany’s Customer Experience is critical to your company joining the Customer Service Revolution. However, most Customer satisfaction reporting is not 100% accurate. This can be a major problem if you are holding leaders and Customer facing employees accountable. Your Customer satisfaction rating system must isolate different touch points of the Customer’s journey, otherwise the reports are only valuable as a brand experience and cannot be tied to any individual’s performance.

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For example, you are a medical practice and after a female patient leaves, you send a survey asking her to rate her experience today. Let’s say she answers with 3 out of 5, which better be horribly unacceptable in your business. What does that 3 really tell you (if she doesn’t leave detailed comments)?  You don’t know if she had issues with making an appointment when she called, if she didn’t like how she was greeted when she arrived, if Ee39e3ee 1939 435c B3ba 74ec9c9889f9, The DiJulius Groupshe was made to wait 15 minutes past her appointment time, or if the doctor made zero personal connection with her. It is no different if a person placed an order with your company over the phone or via email. Their one rating is useless because you don’t know what they liked or didn’t like about any of the stages of their experience. It could have been due to initial contact, ease of ordering, out of stock, shipping, order accuracy, or level of hospitality of the people in your organization they came in contact with.

The Customer satisfaction system you use must allow for your Customers to rate the individual points of contact. Once you have this data, you can hold each Customer facing employee accountable on a daily basis, sharing a report of what the average score and comments were for the Customers they came in contact with yesterday. Best of all, they can’t point the finger at any other department and say, “they wasn’t because of me, it was because accounting screwed up their invoices.”

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Real Time Feedback Or None At All

Long gone are the days of sharing with your employees how they did last quarter. Your Customers need to rate their experience in real time; think of Uber’s five-star rating that prompts you the second you step out of the car versus getting a survey or email days later. Also, your reporting and feedback with your employees needs to be in real time, meaning the same day or within 24 hours.

Make Price Irrelevant

Watch this 1-minute video to see how you CAN Make Price Irrelevant in your industry. 7b5f91d8 Ddb9 4199 Ac69 F9abe92e9b91, The DiJulius Group

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