The Most 4 Powerful Words You Can Say

The 4 Most Powerful Words You Can Say

Watch this video and see one of the most powerful stories I have ever told about the four most important words you can say to someone.

Are You Chasing The Newest CX Fad Or Embracing The Pace?Spinner, The DiJulius Group

Some call it flavor of the month; others call it program of the year, or management by bestseller. There are many new CX strategies popping up. How do you make the right decision on which one to invest in? Read the rest of the article.

People. Purpose. Profits. Play.

How do you become the top global franchise, fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world, & best company to work for? By Runyon Mortensen Anytimefitness Book, The DiJulius Groupgetting your team to Love Work. In Love Work, Anytime Fitness co-founders Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen, share the four pillars of leadership they  have used to build a high-engagement, high-performance culture, and how to unlock the same cultural potential in your organization.

*How Cleveland became The Customer Service Capital of the World?

Question What It Means To Be Human

Inq, The DiJulius Group

IN-Q is not just his name but also his life philosophy. “From childhood, we are asked to accept things the way they are, without question,” says IN-Q. “But personal growth comes from questioning our environment and breaking out of the boundaries that define us. I believe that every moment can be an adventure if we are willing to embrace our questions and look at the world through infinite possibilities.”

IN-Q Performing At The Secret Service Summit

Poetry is the art of emotion and connection. It is the voice inside us all. Spoken word poetry has never been more relevant and important in American culture. With everything that’s going on socially and politically, it can be a platform for people across the world to express themselves. Get ready to be moved like you have never been moved before. That is what it is like to see IN-Q perform. The DiJulius Group is excited to announce that IN-Q will be keynoting at the 2017 Secret Service Summit October 26th & 27th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Inq Video, The DiJulius Group

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Now You Can Take The Customer Xperience Executive Online Academy

Register today for this comprehensive online course guaranteed to raise the level of Customer Service your company delivers. Cxeo Snap, The DiJulius GroupThe Customer Xperience Executive Online Academy (CXEO) follows the trademarked X Commandment methodology used by The DiJulius Group with some of the top companies in the world. The Customer Xperience Executive Online Academy coursework is designed to prepare leaders like you, looking to move into a whole new level of leadership in your career, to the benefit of both yourself and your company. Students will require 10-15 hours a month to learn the importance of every aspect of this methodology, and how to implement and execute on each one.

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