5 Quick Tips To Help You Make Price Irrelevant

5 Quick Tips To Help You Make Price Irrelevant

1. Customer Service Best Practice

Are You Sure You Know Why Your Customers Are Loyal? By Jess Pischel

Jed’s Barbershops in Salt Lake City, Utah provides more than great haircuts—Jed’s provides an exceptional customer experience. They are unique in the sense that they do not take reservations; wait times can be upwards of 40 minutes. To keep you entertained while you are waiting, they offer old fashioned soda pop, games, great people and conversations.

Jed’s Barbershop is located in an extremely competitive market and Jed wanted to be the brand that his customers can’t live without while making price irrelevant. Owner Jed Beal is a student in the Customer Experience Executive Academy. He is an innovative thinker and has been able to set himself apart from the competition by focusing on the customer experience.

Jed decided to take a different approach to the traditional survey to get to know his customers preferences on a deeper level. Sometimes you have to do more than a survey.

Jed got a list of a few regular guests of Jed’s Barbershop and invited them to a 1:1 brunch. He asked them to tell him why they continue to give Jed’s their business, especially when there are other shops that do online bookings and cater more to convenience.

Jed found the answers to be a bit shocking.

His customers said that because Jed’s provides such a great experience, they are willing to carve out the time each month knowing it could be a 45-minute wait. However, with complimentary arcade games, craft soda, and hilarious coffee table books there is plenty to keep them occupied.

One gentleman told Jed, “It’s my ‘Me Time’. It’s my time to relax and socialize, and for that hour and a half I leave my cell phone in the car.”

Another married couple said, “It is the highlight of the month for the kids, and we even use Jed’s as leverage to get them to eat their veggies or finish homework!”

Lastly, a college student told Jed, “It’s where I go to get away from drama and stress of school.”

The common theme was that they enjoy the wait because of our experience. We sell experiences, not convenience. We are not part of people’s to-do list. There are plenty of businesses that provide in-and-out of the chair services. We are not one of them. The customer is always right, but the business isn’t always right for the customer. The customer that’s in a hurry goes elsewhere. Like In-N-Out Burger, we always have a line and that’s our best advertising.

–  Jed Beal
Owner, Jed’s Barbershop


What experience are you providing to your customers or guests that make them want to come back? Is it beyond just the service or product that you provide? How can you get to know your customers better? Have you given them the opportunity to share their feedback in a 1:1 session?

Breakaway from the traditional surveys and ask your customers those open-ended questions.

The result: Good stories, testimonials and even innovative areas of opportunity or growth!

*Make Your Interview Process Ungameable


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3. Short Video You Need To Watch & Share With Your Team

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Expertise is the enemy of innovation. Look outside your industry for how to disrupt your industry.

4. Quote Of The Week

“Talk less, smile more. If everyone did this the world would be a happier place. It will also often end up in a more meaningful connection, which will in turn lead to more smiles.” 

–Richard Branson

5. Resource To Help Take Your Customer Experience To The Next Level

Only 4 Spots Left for
The 2020 Customer Xperience Executive Academy


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