This Is Not Your Parent’s Bank

This Is Not Your Parent's Bank, an article by John DiJulius about Capital One Cafe

Where can you go to chill out for as long as you want, grab a latte, enjoy free Wi-Fi, connect with others, snack on a pastry, and have access to community iPads? You probably said Starbucks. Let me add that you can also receive complimentary finance coaching. Would you believe you could get all of this at a bank? Times are indeed changing and the traditional banking model is going the way of the dinosaur.

Let me introduce you to Capital One Café—this is not your parent’s bank. In an effort to win over what is now the largest segment of the US workforce, the millennials, Capital One is opening Capital One Cafés around the U.S. A vast majority of the 35 & younger population have boycotted the traditional banking experience and strictly bank online. Capital One has partnered with Peet’s Coffee to provide beverages and snacks for purchase in each café. While you don’t have to be an existing customer to enjoy their cafés, Capital One cardholders receive 50% off any drink purchase.

Financial advisors, known as Capital One “ambassadors,” many of them certified life coaches, offer workshops on various topics such as wedding financing and how to talk to your spouse about money. These cafés also offer large conference rooms for local businesses and charities to use free of charge.


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Dare to Matter - Choosing an unstuck and unapologetic life of significance - a book by Pete SmithDare to Matter

What if there was a way to know with certainty that who you are and what you do matters? What if you could elevate your performance, become more empowered, increase your confidence, and strengthen your relationships in your personal and professional life? Bestselling author, Pete Smith, reveals the findings of his self-described “obsession” with what it takes to live a life of significance. Interviewing and studying the lives of those who are making a difference in the world today—including stories from people you may or may not know—and sharing lessons learned from his own near-death experience, Smith answers the question that burns deep within us all: how will I know I mattered?


Pete Smith Presenting At The Customer Service Revolution

2018 Customer Service Revolution Conference Speaker Pete SmithThe DiJulius Group is thrilled to announce that Pete Smith will be presenting at the 2018 Customer Service Revolution. Pete is one of the leading trainers in the fields of leadership, management, personal growth and development. The title of Pete’s presentation is “What’s NOT Being Said.” This is not your ordinary session on communication. It’s a fun, entertaining, insightful discussion on how we deliver and receive communication, how that influences our action, and impacts our relationships. You can’t afford NOT to learn the skills of becoming a master communicator. At the conclusion of this presentation, the attendees will:


  1. The 2018 Customer Service Revolution ConferenceUncover how their experiences, thoughts, beliefs and history influence what they say and do in a conversation
  2. Recognize their inherent bias in listening, and how to adopt one specific listening lens that produces the best results
  3. Learn specific words or phrases that trigger a listener in undesirable ways, often without the speaker ever knowing it
  4. Understand how best to connect with someone who appears disagreeable, agitated, or simply difficult
  5. Learn how to use words that increase team alignment, creativity, morale, and performance

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Only 5 Weeks Until the 2018 Customer Service Revolution

Only Five Weeks Left Until the 2018 Customer Service Revolution Conference in Cleveland Ohio


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