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Can Chick-fil-A’s Service Get Even Better?

Dijulius Customer Service Blog Chick Fil A, The DiJulius Group Chick-fil-A restaurants are well regarded as the leader in Customer service not only in the Quick Service Restaurant sector but benchmarked against all retail industries. Lately Chick-fil-A has taken pains to make its drive-thru strategy as customer-friendly as possible. The chain has created dedicated drive-thru teams sending employees with tablets out to the drive-thru lane to take orders when lines begin to form.

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Does this obsession with the Customer experience and fanatical attention to detail really pay off? The chain consistently ranks first in restaurant customer-service surveys. In 2015, Chick-fil-A generated more revenue per restaurant than any other fast-food chain in the US. The chain’s average sales per restaurant reached nearly $4 million, compared to the average KFC, which sold $1 million. Customer service is the key to Chick-fil-A’s success. Superior customer service drives higher sales per unit, contributing to the chain’s ability to generate higher annual sales than KFC, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s even though each has more than twice as many US locations. The reason why? Chick-fil-A invests more than other companies in training its employees.

An Airline That Knows How To Create Loyal Customers

Based in Calgary, WestJet has been ranked among the top three brands in Customer loyalty in the country for the past five years. Following are four examples of how WestJet builds a World-Class Customer Experience:

1.    WestJetters

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Over 80% of WestJet employees (AKA “WestJetters”) are company shareholders. Regardless of position, every staffer has the opportunity to invest up to 20% of his or her base pay in WestJet stock, and the company matches it dollar for dollar. Now every WestJetter has a vested interest in their performance and the Customer experience they deliver. Twice a year, the company celebrates profit sharing by handing out physical checks to employees, invited to these celebrations are the family members of WestJetters.

2.    Real Time Feedback

When they were unhappy with the response rate of their traditional surveys, WestJet decided to make it easier for passengers to share their satisfaction with the airline in the moment. WestJet now emails passengers their survey while they are still at the gate.

3.     Literally Living A Day In The Life Of Their Customer

In late 2016, WestJet invested a significant amount of time and resources following their passengers from their homes to their airports, on their flights, to the baggage carousels, and then all the way to their cars. Time and resources spent to help instill compassion and empathy in their team members towards the passengers.

4.   Experience Sharing Made Easy

Another really cool thing WestJet uses with their passengers is experiencefellow, a mobile ethnography tool that allows customers to journal about their experiences with WestJet on their smartphones.

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