$62 Billion Lost Due To Customer Service

Forget New Customers – Stop Losing Existing

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New research from NewVoiceMedia offers a compelling view of the consequences of poor Customer Service in the U.S. The results reveal that an estimated $62 billion is lost by U.S. businesses each year following bad Customer Experiences. Top reasons for Customers defecting:

  • Customers felt unappreciated
  • Customers left because of rude & unhelpful staff
  • Customers got tired of being passed around
  • Customers were frustrated with not being able to speak to a human being
  • Customers left because of difficulty getting their questions answered
  • Customers left because of being on hold too long
Time To Make CX Your #1 Priority

With revenue being transferred between companies at such an alarming rate, the study highlights the considerable impact that JOHNISM35 1, The DiJulius GroupCustomers have on the success of a business. Customer Experience is the key differentiator, and by doing it well, organizations can drive the Customer acquisition, retention and efficiency that make leading companies successful. According to Forrester, 72% of businesses say that improving the Customer Experience is their top priority.

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Worldwide Awareness Of Never & Always

Worldwide Express is one of the leading logistical transportation companies throughout the US. Being in a heavily competitive Wwex Logo, The DiJulius Group industry, Worldwide Express has made the Customer Experience they deliver their #1 priority. As a consulting client of The DiJulius Group, we recently helped them launch their Never & Always Non-Negotiable Standards. Something that Wwex Nevers Always 1, The DiJulius GroupWorldwide Express did that was really impressive was the training video they created to accompany the Never & Always launch. The video increases awareness of why these are so vital in the Customer Experience, both to the internal and external Customer they engage with.

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Advance Financial’s Hodges Captures Top Female CEO

The DiJulius Group wants to congratulate long time client and CEO of Advance Financial, Tina Hodges, who has been selected as one of the winners in the prestigious CEO World Awards® in the Female CEO of the Year category. Tina is the gold winner for large companies.

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Watch this short video clip of John asking:
Do you know how many people work in your Customer Service department? 


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