156: The Famous Way

Growing up in the shadow of a family business feels like living within the pages of history, every turn a new chapter waiting to be written.

On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, that’s the energy Brian Blaushild, president of Famous Supply, brings as he recounts the story of a company that has weathered the storms of change for nearly a century. With roots tracing back to his great-grandfather Hyman, who founded the company in 1933, Brian’s tale is one of resilience, foresight, and commitment to values that transcend generations. He takes us through the evolution of this family empire and the cultural bedrock that has allowed Famous Supply to flourish while still retaining the spirit of entrepreneurship that sparked its inception.

Venturing into succession planning, Brian peels back what it takes to usher a fourth-generation family business into the modern era. It’s a balance between respecting the old while courting the new, and Brian shares how navigating these transitions is an art and a strategy. We get an insider’s look at the challenges of earning respect within the company ranks, what it takes to build a supportive team, and the bravery required for sweeping changes that keep a business running and sprinting into the future.

You’ll hear Brian’s reflections on the mark left by his late grandfather, Jay Blaushild. He illustrates how Jay’s leadership style—a blend of personal connection and a knack for innovation—became the cornerstone of the company’s culture. We then explore leadership development within Famous Supply, where passion outweighs resumes, and a commitment to nurturing talent from within created a vibrant, dynamic workplace that feels more like a community than a corporation.

This episode reflects a family’s legacy interwoven with the fabric of their business, an example of passion, mentorship, and leading with heart.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Brian Blaushild’s journey leading a fourth-generation family business, Famous Supply, with its nearly century-long history
  • The balance between honoring legacy while driving innovation and modernization in succession planning
  • The influence of Jay Blaushild’s leadership style on the company’s culture and the personal impact on Brian
  • Cultural fit in hiring practices and maintaining the company’s foundational values
  • Strategies for developing leaders within the company, emphasizing passion and commitment over formal education
  • Continuous learning and adapting to technological changes to keep the business competitive
  • Reflections on the significance of family legacy and mentorship in shaping the future of Famous Supply

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