How Healthy Are Your Professional Relationships?

Your Relationship Report Card

To demonstrate how critical and dependent we are on others, The DiJulius Group uses the following exercise called Your Relationship Report Card. There are three parts: 1) Rank the importance of each group to your success, using 1-5 (1 being critically important, 5 being of low importance); 2) rank them in order of importance from 1-7 (1 being most important, 7 being least); and finally 3) grade yourself  from 1-5 (1 being extremely strong, 5 extremely weak) on how well you intentionally build strong relationships with each of those groups.

Professionalrelationships Report Card Tdg, The DiJulius Group

This exercise typically helps people realize how reliant each of us is on the other groups, and it applies not only to customer relationships but also to a wide range of internal and external relationships, many of which we might underestimate or take for granted. This exercise also helps us evaluate how well we are working at relating to each of these groups and, finally and most importantly, forces us to create a plan to build and measure our key relationships.

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