How Important Is CX To The Success Of Your Business? We Have The Answer

When asked, “How important is Customer Experience to the success of your business?” nearly every CEO rates it a 9 or 10. However, when asked, “How would you rate the resources you are investing into your customer experience?” most CEO’s rate it below a 5. Why is that? Because too many senior executives still view customer experience as an expense and not as an investment. We now have proof that it is actually one of the highest returns on investment a company can make.


R.O.X. – Return on eXperience

The 2019 Watermark Customer Experience ROI Study is out, depicting the impact of good and bad customer experiences. This year’s study provides the strongest support yet for why every company –public or private, large or small – should make differentiating their customer experience a top priority.

Cxleaders, The DiJulius GroupFindings

  • CX Leaders outperformed the broader market, generating a total return that was 45 points higher than the S&P 500 Index.
  • CX Laggards trailed far behind, posting a total return that was 76 points lower than that of the broader market.
  • CX Leaders generated a total cumulative return that was nearly three times greater than that of the CX Laggards.


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Becoming a Trusted Advisor

JeffMowatt, The DiJulius GroupToo often, employees see their role as delivering services or processing orders. The problem is this transaction-focused approach leads to low value/ low price/ low profit customer relationships. Fortunately, by simply changing a few words your team members can become valued – literally, as Trusted Advisors. Jeff Mowatt helps teams shift their focus from simply responding to co-workers and customers, to instead becoming Trusted Advisors. His “Influence with Ease” column has been syndicated and featured in over 200 publications. Jeff has developed and produced 13 coaching tools, and is the author of the bestselling books, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month, and Influence with Ease.


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Jeff Mowatt Keynoting The Customer Service Revolution

Tdg CSR Full Logo Fullcolor, The DiJulius GroupThe DiJulius Group is thrilled to announce Jeff Mowatt will be presenting at the 2019 Customer Service Revolution. Jeff’s presentation is titled Becoming a Trusted Advisor: Shifting from commodity to one-of-a-kind service. In Jeff’s presentation you will discover how to:

  • Enhance people’s perception of you by 12% by using a two word phrase more often (hint: it’s not please or thank you) 
  • Exceed customers’ top 7 expectations by choosing words more thoughtfully
  • Use the most prevalent shift in buying trends to boost your businessJeffmowatt, The DiJulius Group
  • Position your ideas, products, and services so that people select higher valueoptions 
  • Prevent customers from defecting just to save a few dollars 
  • Use 2 words to recover from service slip-ups and bonus – even rekindle romance at home! 
  • Prevent miscommunications that lead to stress and work overload 
  • Boost communication skills both at work and in your personal life 
  • Recharge your spirit and brighten your interactions with others

Whether you and your team members deal with external customers or internal co-workers, you’ll discover valuable strategies that generate immediate results.


Congratulations To Our Client: Profile By Sanford

Sanford, The DiJulius GroupProfile By Sanford, a personalized weight loss program, has been ranked #3 best new franchise by Entrepreneur Franchise 500. Profile by Sanford combines nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching to help members lose weight and keep it off. Physicians and researchers at Sanford Health, one of the largest integrated health systems in the nation, designed Profile by Sanford to take the guesswork out of healthy lifestyle change. Profile By Sanford has been a consulting client of The DiJulius Group for the last few years and we are so proud of all their success.

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