How the Touch Screen Age is Negatively Impacting our Customer Service

Today we are all living in the “Touch-Screen Age.” This includes baby boomers as well as millennials, although many think of the younger generation as being the most tech savvy, virtually no one has been left out. Members of every age group now use smartphones, social media, iPads, and computers. These devices are necessary parts of our lives, and although they make many things easier or more useful, when they are overused, they can negatively impact human interaction and, more importantly, our emotional state.

One result of the Touch-Screen Age is that we have significantly fewer face-to-face interactions, and when we lack those interactions, our people skills begin to erode. The pandemic accelerated all of this.

As Dr. Manfred Spitzer noted in his book Digital Dementia: What We and Our Children Are Doing to Our Minds, “When you use the computer, you outsource your mental activity. The more time you spend with screen media, the less your social skills will be.”

“Connect” and “Connection” Are Not the Same Thing

It is ironic that “social media” dramatically increases “social isolation” due to a lack of real contact and connectedness with other people. This is strongest among younger people who use technology the most. “That’s because people crave human connection but nonetheless find it easier and simpler to turn to a device than to have a nor- mal conversation,” says Dan Schawbel in his book Back to Human. “As a result, people feel they are getting their dose of social interaction. But in reality, they are missing out on forming real relationships, which is causing isolation and depression.”

Nothing will ever replace looking directly into someone else’s eyes and making a genuine connection. “Connect” and “connection” are not the same thing. The number of Facebook friends we have does not equal the number of relationships we have built. Social capital cannot be measured in likes and shares. While technology is constantly changing and improving to help us stay in touch with others, it will always be live, physical, real-time human interaction that builds trust and strong relationships and is the most mutually rewarding.

“If our increasing tendency to hide behind screens and devices instead of investing in our relationships is weakening our ability to achieve work and life satisfaction,” says Schawbel, “what’s the solution? Surely, it’s to get back to being more human.”


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On this week’s podcast, it is Jess Pischel, Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group and Dean of the Customer eXperience Executive Academy who interviews John DiJulius on his latest book The Relationship Economy: Building Stronger Customer Connections in the Digital Age. This is part 1 of 2 episodes. Listen to Podcast 46



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