How to Build a World Class Internal Culture

Building a world class internal culture doesn’t have much to do with how leaders take care of employees, even though that is very important. It’s about how team members take care of each other and how they’re trained to take care of each other inside their own department, regardless of what business you’re in. 

There’s probably a department in your company that doesn’t feel like they get as much recognition as the sales team does. 

Everything goes back to communication and showing empathy and compassion for each other. Developing internal communication best practices is a great way to increase your employee engagement and your internal communication.

Who are Your Internal Customers?

Your internal customer relies on the work you do. Once you establish who that internal customer is, your internal culture will improve. 

Sometimes, our team members aren’t necessarily aware. They think that just because they’re not in the customer service department or they’re not in sales that they don’t ultimately serve the customer. However, they actually are in customer service. 

Why Create A Day In The Life of Your Colleagues

When we know and understand what our team members go through, we’re more willing to advocate for them. We’re willing to go above and beyond. We become more appreciative of all roles and departments. We’re also more willing to lend a hand to support each other. 

Businesses that create this video for their customers and for their internal employees have the biggest increase in employee service aptitude and empathy for their clients. It’s, therefore, a great tool companies can use and share with their team on an ongoing basis.

We have to treat our internal team members just as well, if not better, than we treat our clients or customers. This is why it’s also important to develop a day in the life of your colleague so you can show and teach your team members and each employee how to better understand the result of the work they’re doing.

For more information and resources on building a world class internal culture, check out The Customer Service Revolution podcast. If you’d like to listen, head over to Episode 045: World Class Internal Culture

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