How to Create World-Class Leadership in Your Organization

As a leader, realize how important and impactful your words are. What could be a simple hallway conversation to you could be an impactful moment for the person on the other end of that conversation. 

 A lot of times, when an organization gets excited about customer experience, whether it’s the new initiative of the year or something similar, they get all excited about pleasing customers. They forget about the people who actually have to do the work and deliver the results. However, those people are the most important element of everything.

Who Creates Culture Within the Organization

The leaders in an organization are the ones responsible for creating the culture of a company. They’re not just showing up to do their jobs; they are actually creating the culture in which all of the team members have to have to work and live so they can provide the experience you’re looking to create. 

Statistics say that the most important determinant of an individual’s performance and commitment to stay within an organization is the relationship that that employee has with his or her immediate leader. 

Therefore, as leaders, you have to understand how crucial your role is and how that goes beyond things like hitting the numbers, the budget, or whatever other tangible goals you have.

How to Create a World-Class Internal Culture

In order to create a world-class culture within your organization, create a playbook so people understand how to lead within this culture that you’re framing as a great customer experience organization. 

Have an accountability platform to create accountability for leaders to lead. Then you know they’re doing their jobs well. If they’re doing their jobs successfully, it will increase morale amongst the teams as well as reduce turnover, which is hugely important today. 

Provide support for everyone to the best of your ability. Everyone in your company (from those folks in the middle lane to your performing rock stars) has an impact on your customers by way of their job function. 

Top 5 Reasons People Leave Their Organizations or Complain They Have a Bad Boss

  1. Failure to inspire
  2. Not having a clear vision or direction
  3. Failure to walk the talk
  4. Failure to develop others 
  5. Acceptance of meeting mediocre performance

The reality is, we all get busy and get pulled in different directions. We can easily take our eyes off the ball and not deliver this kind of excellence to our team. Therefore, it’s important to keep these things as a priority. 

For more information and resources on creating world-class leadership, check out The Customer Service Revolution podcast. If you’d like to listen, head over to Episode 050: World Class Leadership

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