The Best Way to Improve Your Company Culture in Challenging Times


Employees are the backbone of your organization, and if they are not satisfied, other areas of the business will struggle too. Conversely, a workplace where team members are engaged, feel they are supported by leadership, and have the opportunity to collaborate with other departments will help you retain your top employees and attract quality talent. Now, more than ever, we need to take care of our employees and give them the tools to successfully communicate and understand one another.

It is important that each department understands the roles and responsibilities of others and how their role impacts other departments and customers in the overall experience. Each team needs to understand the importance of their INTERNAL customer. After all, a customer is whoever depends on the work that you do.

Developing a Day in the Life of an Employee video is a great exercise for team building, internal communication, and employee engagement. Here are a few questions and topics to bring awareness to what other departments may be experiencing.


What would your team members do differently if they really knew what a day in the life of their coworker looked like?

What do your colleagues have to go through to complete that report on time? Move around or adjust their calendar? For example, did they have to log in late at night after the kid’s soccer practice, dance lessons, and bedtime routine to complete the project because they were waiting on data/metrics from another department? Now it’s an all-nighter race to the finish line to complete before the client meeting the next morning.

What is your colleague’s day in the life? When we know and understand what our team members go through, we are more willing to advocate for them and go above and beyond. We become more appreciative of other’s roles and departments. We are willing to lend a hand and support each other. This leads to improved employee morale and engagement.

As you are creating this storyboard with your team, paint the picture vividly. What challenges, roadblocks, or hurdles does this team have to jump through on a daily basis to ultimately serve/support other teams that ultimately affect our customers? Create an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows. It is important to have representation from different departments when developing this tool.

Businesses that have a Day in the Life Video have the biggest increase in employee service aptitude and empathy for their customers. It’s a great reminder of internal empathy and compassion that should be shared frequently with each department. Once you develop this tool, you could even start your monthly or quarterly meetings by showing the video and reflecting on the stories. The great thing about this is you’re always going to see something a little bit different in the video. Every time you watch the video, something’s going to resonate with you more than it did the last time. It’s a constant reminder for employees to have empathy and compassion because you never know what someone’s going through personally or professionally. We are all unaware of not only the bad things that happened but also the positive things that happened in our co-worker’s day. We’re all people at the end of the day and this is a great way to connect and better understand each other.


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Screen Shot 2021 08 03 At 2.01.34 AM, The DiJulius GroupWe are so thrilled to announce that Scott Blanchard will be speaking at this year’s Customer Service Revolution. Scott Blanchard is President of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, the company co-founded by his father, best-selling business author Ken Blanchard. An accomplished author in his own right (coauthor of Leverage Your Best, Ditch the Rest and Leading at a Higher Level), Scott represents the next generation of pioneering thought leadership on management issues. He is the coauthor of Blanchard’s newest training program, The First-time Manager which teaches the essential skills that every new manager must master in order to succeed in the workplace.

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Episode 050: Developing World-Class Leaders

Chief Revolution Officer John DiJulius of The DiJulius Group talks with Dave Murray, or “Murray,” Senior Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group, about Commandment X of The DiJulius Group’s Methodology, World-Class Leadership. Listen to Podcast 50.

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