How to Reimagine…Revolutionize Week 2

Week 2 Recap of The 2020 Customer Service Revolution

With over 1,400 leaders from all over the world tuning in, Week 2 of the 2020 Customer Service Revolution did not disappoint.

This incredible lineup of experts shared so many brilliant “Ah-ha’s” it almost brought our chat feed down. Here were just a few of the takeaways shared:

John DiJulius – Great Leaders are Born from a Crisis

  • Even a turkey can fly in a tornado. During an economic boom even crappy companies do well—when the tornado stops, turkeys start dropping.
  • A Recession is like a Business Enema. This isn’t happening to us; it is happening for us.
  • You can’t pick and choose when you want to lead. We didn’t choose to become a leader because it was always going to be easy. We wanted to be that person that others could count on, to take control, that could handle and navigate through any situation no matter its’ size. Now is the time to step up. Your employees are counting on you. They believe in you.
  • More is caught than is taught. Make sure you are modeling your mission and values.
  • Control the narrative. You should be the only one to tell the story about where your business is and where it is headed. Employees are hearing misinformation at an alarming rate from all directions which is feeding their fear and anxiety and allowing them to imagine the worst.
  • Show your company what victory looks like. Show your employees not only where your strategic plan will take them but what it will look like when they arrive. People gravitate towards a vision of victory. If you are confident your business will survive this crisis, communicate that with your employees. Tell them you got this, you got their back, that you won’t let anything happen to them.

Seth Godin ­– Customer Service is Free

  • Marketing is not the same as advertising. Marketing is what we do and how we do it.
  • Every dollar spent delighting someone in a way that causes them to talk about your brand, earns you more than a dollar.
  • Not only is customer service free, it is a profit center. When a company has a profit center, they invest in it. How do we spend more time and money?
  • Your marketing department focuses too much time on non-customers who have never heard of you. Turning someone into a customer who isn’t is very, very expensive.
  • Build a system that enforces customer service and customer service will arrive. The system is not designed to lower your cost, it is designed to increase the delight, the impact, the purpose of customer service.
  • Customer service is won & lost on the front lines—your customer facing employees. However, they typically are not supported, trained and have no system in place.
  • Trying a little bit harder will not make a difference.
  • Unreasonable amounts of effort will produce customer evangelists.
  • You don’t want to increase your customer service budget 10%, you want it to triple.
  • Make a ruckus!

Chris Larkins – What I Learned from Almost Dying

  • He almost had to die to learn that his bucket list was closer to home than he realized.
  • Brain cancer was not part of his SWOT analysis.
  • Ask yourself 3 provocative questions to prepare for 2021:
    1. If I was starting my business today, what would I start doing & stop doing?
    2. What would do if I was competing against my own company?
    3. Would my business survive without me?
  • When a pandemic hits, you need to identify those things that are completely under your control.
  • Comeback ready to learn from what left you vulnerable.
  • Ask tough questions repeatedly.

Dave Murray ­­– Creating Your Companies True North

  • Your company’s true north is your Customer Service Vision Statement.
  • The Customer Service Vision Statement increases your employees’ service aptitude.
  • If you are not training your employees on soft skills, you are relying on their former employers.
  • A Customer Service Vision statement is your action statement—what every employee needs to intentionally achieve with every customer interaction.
  • Create a Day in the Life of a Customer story so your employees see it from the customers’ perspective.
  • Register for Dave’s complimentary webinar on How to Create your Company’s Actionable True North on November 2.

Mikki Williams – The Art and Heart of Storytelling

  • Our brain lights up when we hear a story through the lens of our own experience.
  • Invite me through story to care about your data.
  • Facts tell, story’s sell.
  • Stories move people to action.
  • As leaders we are in the emotional transportation business.
  • If you want them to open their wallets, you need to open their hearts.
  • A mediocre speaker tells, a good speaker demonstrates, a superior speaker explains, and the great speaker inspires.

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What you can Expect Week 3

Week 3 of the 2020 Customer Service Revolution is guaranteed to bring incredible inspiration & best practices both personally and professionally. The lineup is loaded.

CSREV Week 3, The DiJulius GroupJohn DiJuliusHow to Be the Brand Customers Can’t Live Without

*Brand New Presentation!

You and your company are either an expense that can be found cheaper somewhere else, or one of the few businesses customers can’t live without. In order to be the brand customers can’t live without, you need to focus on micro moments, avoid empathy fatigue, address the relationship deficit, train your employees on how to make an emotional connection on every interaction, utilize relationship hacks, and justify a relationship tax.


Jesse Itzler ­– Building Fanatical Customer Loyalty

Jesse will talk about how he went from sleeping on 18 different couches to co-founding Marquis Jet, the world’s largest private jet card company, as well as being the Co-Owner of the Atlanta Hawks and writing a New York Times bestseller.

Darren LaCroixTo Revolutionize Your Online Meetings

Boring loses business! You can’t just turn on Zoom and show some slides and get the results you want from a meeting or training. The rules of engagement have changed, but most people don’t. Do you know what a pace element is? Do you know how often to change it? You will! Tap into decades of experience. Get his secrets on how to get and keep your audience engaged. It’s not what you think.


Dave MurrayCrafting standards that drive internal and external excellence

Your customer is whoever benefits or suffers from the work you do. Learn how to break down each of your customer’s touchpoints into four key components which will create unbelievable consistency across your brand.


Dr. Paul BizjakIt’s In You: Uncovering True Health and the Life You Were Designed to Live

Most people have a disconnect between the quality of their health and its relationship to their mission and purpose. What does improving your health have to do with productivity, creativity, leadership, wealth accumulation, and building a team of optimized performers? Everything! Dr. Paul explains how.


Announcing our “CX Coaching” Brand

Are you passionate about customer service?

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CX Coaching Logo Final, The DiJulius GroupOn Thursday November 5th, 2020, from 3 pm – 4 pm EST, you can attend a CX Coaching webinar to learn more about what it takes to be a successful CX Coach. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

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  • The benefit a community plays when you’re a solopreneur
  • How to earn six figures your first year
  • Who should apply to become a CX Coach
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