How to Reimagine…Revolutionize Week 4

Highlights from Week 4 of The 2020 Customer Service Revolution

Week 4 of the 2020 Customer Service Revolution was another incredible week with an amazing group of presenters sharing their expertise. Here were just a few of the takeaways shared:

Dave Horsager – How Top Leaders and Organizations Drive Business Results through Trust

“Loved it! That was all new information that I never would have considered before.”

  • A lack of trust is your biggest expense.
  • We have a huge opportunity to build trust fastest in a crisis.
  • Trust is a confident belief in a person, product or organization.
  • The #1 reason employees want to work for an organization is they want to trust their leadership, ahead of pay and benefits.
  • 92% of people would trust their leaders more if they were more transparent about their mistakes.

Tom Bilyeu – How Will You Impact the World?

“Best presentation yet. Super actionable and compelling!”

  • If you want to have real impact, you have to have a terrifying degree of clarity.
  • It is all about skill acquisition—developing a highly specific set of skills.
  • Realizing it doesn’t matter who you are today, rather who you want to become, and the price you want to pay.
  • Failure is the most information rich data stream you will ever encounter.
  • You must have an inhuman amount of energy to do the work.
  • Passion is the energy you need to fail over and over again without losing your enthusiasm.

Tom Ryan – Chosen Suffering

“Very inspiring with excellent words of wisdom that can be applied to many different settings. Real life, honest and raw – makes the message trustworthy and applicable”

  • The most important factor to success is a willingness to suffer—chosen suffering.
  • Suffering is a synonym for love & sacrifice.
  • To be the best means you have a willingness to suffer at a level that others aren’t willing to.
  • Unchosen suffering can bring you to your knees.
  • Unchosen suffering are the things in life that we don’t want any part of.
  • Unchosen suffering refines you; it brings you to a place of deep introspection. You find out who you are.
  • No matter what we are going through, no matter what we are dealing with, we hold onto the responsibilities sometimes chosen by us and sometimes not chosen by us.
  • Learning how to suffer is good for us.
  • Reputation is who people think you are, character is who we really are.

John DiJulius – How to be the Brand Employees Can’t Live Without

“The timeliness of this message couldn’t be more perfect for our organization! Every business school should teach this!”

  • I like to think of our hiring process as our 30-foot-high fence with barb wire on it. We are not for everyone nor do we want to be. Everyone you hire contributes to your culture one way or the other.
  • Companies that hire the best have the best screening processes that are “ungameable.”
  • Stop trying to find great employees, focus on becoming the business great employees find.
  • Your customers will never be any happier than your employees are.
  • Days of lighting fires under people are over, days of lighting fires inside people are here.
  • Are you that person that, when people talk about their success, they talk about the belief you had in them, long before anyone else? Your faith and constant encouragement wouldn’t allow them to fail.

Dave Murray – Ensuring Leaders Know How to Lead in Your Service Culture

“Great info. Clear, concise and easy to understand.”

  • The top 5 reasons for employee turnover:
    1. Immediate manager
    2. Poor fit for job
    3. Coworkers not committed to quality
    4. Pay & benefits
    5. Lack of connection to organization
  • The best leadership tool is The Employee Experience Model (TEEM) that outlines every stage of an employees’ career.
  • Departmental huddles are huge for connecting everyone and streamlining communication.

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Preview of Week 5

Preview Of Week 5, The DiJulius Group

Week 5 is the final week of the 2020 Customer Service Revolution.  This week is guaranteed to bring incredible inspiration and best practices both personally and professionally. The lineup is loaded.

John DiJulius – What it Truly Takes to be a Revolutionary

It all starts with a having a vision of what could be. A true purpose is a vision of how you will make the world a better place.

How to truly Reimagine where you currently are to Revolutionize your future.

Develop your own reality distortion field and change your belief system in what is truly possible.

Ken BlanchardLeading at a Higher Level

Ken Blanchard believes that truly great leaders focus on results and human satisfaction. They are able to achieve long-term success by creating work environments that are respectful, fair, and inspiring. Hear Ken describe the four keys to leading at a higher level. By following these steps, leaders will be able to create and sustain a workplace where people and organizations thrive.

Adrienne BankertYour Hidden Superpower

Kindness is a game-changer in business, the door opener to fulfillment, and the key to authenticity and confidence. Adjusting our perspective from being closed off and self-centered to a mindset of kindness ripples into a staggering amount of personal fulfillment and development. Kindness is universally understood in every culture. No matter our age or ethnicity, where we come from, or how much money we make, any one of us can be kind. Any one of us can be the difference maker. As a bonus, we achieve our unique destiny day by day by being kind.

J.R. HeckmanReimagine

Singer songwriter, J.R., at only 21 years old, has already shared the stage on Broadway with Kristen Chenoweth, the cast of the Lion King, Tommy Tune, Harry Connick, Jr., and Billy Joel. J.R. is passionate about inspiring others and creating a better tomorrow through his music. J.R. recently produced his single, Reimagine, which encourages people to come together and “be the change they want to see in the world.”

Jess Bound Tricks to Make it Stick

It is all about implementation and execution. When you implement a new project, it is inevitable that some individuals or departments will be resistant to the new plan. That is because people usually do not like change. Find out how the most successful clients of The DiJulius Group overcame internal pushback and achieved company-wide buy in throughout their entire organization.


Craft Standards That Drive Internal And External Excellence, The DiJulius GroupComplimentary Webinar

How to Craft Standards that Drive Internal & External Excellence

Most organizations experience “behind the scenes” issues like bad hand-offs between departments or over-promising and under-delivering. In this session, we will discuss a tool designed to ensure a consistently good experience internally, helping to drive an excellent external experience. Registration to this webinar also comes with complimentary access to The DiJulius Group’s weekly CX tips newsletter.

Join us and other organizations for the upcoming webinar on November 16 at 3:00pm EST. Register you and your team now.

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