I’ll Be Back! – How to Get Customers to Come Back Again and Again

How do you get your customers to come back to you again and again?

If you’re thinking about loyalty points, think again.

According to Shep Hyken, customer service expert and author of I’ll Be Back: How to Get Customers to Come Back Again and Again, there are six steps you can take to design and create an experience that gets customers to return again and again.

1. Ask yourself, “why would someone do business with me?” 

Basically, ask, “why me instead of the competition?” You need unique answers, not just, “great people and great service,” because that’s exactly what your competitors will say as well.

2. What would make a customer do business with them instead of us? 

In other words, why would a customer go to the competitor? It’s important to understand what your competition is doing. If you don’t know, you are putting yourself in the vulnerable position of not being relevant to your customers anymore.

3. Keeping pace

If your competitors are doing something you’re not doing, start doing it. However, do it a little differently. You can’t just copy. Otherwise, you’ll become a commodity. If you’re a commodity, price is completely relevant and you want the opposite of that.

4. Go outside of your industry. 

This is where you get to go from best in your industry to best in your class. List all the companies you love to do business with (e.g. restaurants, shoe stores, etc.) and why.

5. What are these companies doing that you’re not doing?

6. Go back and slightly modify the question you started with.

Now that you know what you’re going to do, ask again why somebody would want to do business with you instead of your competitor.

Once you’ve taken the time to implement these steps and put them in your process, you can say you have even more ways to differentiate yourself and make price irrelevant.

For more information and resources on how to get customers to come back again and again, check out The Customer Service Revolution podcast. If you’d like to listen, head over to Episode 057: I’ll Be Back – How to Get Customers to Come Back Again and Again

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