Change Your Employees’ Perspective

Changing your employees’ perspective – The Maids International (TMI), based in Omaha, Nebraska, is a professional home-cleaning service with franchisee locations all over the United States. As it has been stated, it can be difficult for frontline employees to relate to their Customers’ situations. Frontline employees often don’t have the same socioeconomic status as their Customers. For example, you could see how a housecleaner working for a professional cleaning service could possibly be judgmental of a stay-at-home mom who lives in a half-million-dollar house. Maybe he or she would think, ‘This woman doesn’t work and she needs a cleaning service?’

The Power of Purpose – TMI created an incredible day-in-the-life-of-a-Customer video, demonstrating the demands that its Customers may have and how the employees who clean homes positively impact Customers’ lives. Here’s some of the narration from the video:

“What do you bring to the world? You bring hope . . . order . . . peace. You make lives better for the people you serve. For busy parents, overwhelmed by demands of family and jobs. For a widower who struggles with housework and looks forward to conversation and friendship. For an active mom longing for peace and order in a clean home. For a Customer with cancer who struggles to do even small tasks on her own. A lawyer away from home sixty hours a week serving low-income clients. A child with asthma who requires a dust-free home to breathe easier. Your work changes lives. You change lives. For all the people you help, we thank you. For all the lives you change, we thank you. You are the reason.”

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The National WOW Award – To ensure the Maids Service Vision penetrates throughout the entire company, in 2013, TMI rolled out their National WOW! Award, which was developed to recognize outstanding Customer service provided by a franchisee, manager, team leader or team members. The award is given out quarterly to someone who takes the initiative to seize an opportunity to “WOW!” a Customer, and impact him or her for the better. The stories do not have to be extravagant; instead, these are often relatively simple, easy, actionable service opportunities that show how franchisees or staff recognized opportune moments, foreseeing Customer needs, listening to the Customer and being thoughtful. These considerate moments then turn in to emotional connections with the Customer. These connections show that TMI not only provides cleaning services, but also takes care of Customers and improves lives. The recipient of the National WOW! Award receives a $500 prize and a stunning crystal trophy to display proudly at the franchise office for years to come.

The Maids revolutionize the cleaning industry – The Maids International, has created a Customer Service Revolution in the residential cleaning company in the U.S. and Canada. They have taken an old stale paradigm and raised the bar significantly, which has helped them become the brand many of their Customer’s cannot live without. The Maids has more than 160 franchise owners serving over 90 major U.S. and Canadian cities.

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The Maids’ COO speaking at the Secret Service Summit – Dan Kirwan is the COO of The Maids International and is someone with fanatical commitment to being an innovator. Behind Dan’s vision and execution, The Maids has transformed into a World-Class Customer Service organization. Not only benchmarked in their industry, but across any industry. Dan is brilliant at creating a strategy, and then making it into a plan that becomes the driving focus of the entire organization until it is fully implemented and being executed. We are so excited that Dan will be one of our Brand Executives presenting at the 2015 Secret Service Summit September 29th – 30th.


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