Restaurants Removing The Human Element

Restaurants Removing Human Interaction Little Ceasars Reserve And Ready, The DiJulius Group

Little Caesars is testing a new “Reserve-N-Ready” service in about a dozen locations in Arizona. This service allows Customers to pick up their mobile orders from a hot box located in the restaurant. It is also the growing trend of the human-less Customer transaction. Here is how it works:

  • Customers order and pay for their food on the Little Caesars mobile app and are notified when their order is ready.
  • Upon arriving at the store, Customers input a three-digit PIN or scan a QR code on the Pizza Portal. A door will pop open to reveal the Customer’s order.

Little Caesars isn’t alone in avoiding human contact whenever possible: McDonald’s has been rolling out self-service Self Serving Kiosks Mcdonalds, The DiJulius Groupordering kiosks in restaurants since 2016. Panera also offers a pickup service that lets Customers order online, show up and grab their food from a special area in their local restaurant. The high-end eatery Eatsa in San Francisco took it one step further. The restaurant eliminated all human interaction by using tablets to take Customer orders. Meals are then served from cubbies with translucent screens on the front bearing the Customer’s name.

6 Things That Make You A Brand People Cannot Live Without John Dijulius Video.2, The DiJulius Group

Show this 2-minute video to your employees and have them answer the question, “What are the few companies that you would be extremely upset if you could no longer do business with them ever again? Now the important part is, think about what they have done and what they consistently do to make you so loyal, to make you feel that you cannot live without them.” That is power. That is brand loyalty. The more people you can make feel like they cannot live without your brand, the closer you are to making price irrelevant.

Walking the Talk

World-Class starts at the top. Customer service is something you deliver; it is who you are, in all areas of your life. No Networking Results Customer Service, The DiJulius Groupone knows this better than CXEA grad Barbara Leafgreen, Client Experience Coordinator at Networking Results. Watch this 1-minute video where Barbara shares that the way to inspire others to deliver a World-Class Experience starts with everything you do.

10 Steps To Igniting Employee Passion That Inspires Customer Loyalty

Angela Crawford, PhD is the Chief Marketing Officer and a researcher for Af713b97 2bd2 44ee 814f 8d289ebb3040, The DiJulius Group Direct Opinions, a full-service professional market research firm. Crawford began her career over twenty years ago managing and designing contact centers. She has worked with over thirty Fortune 500 clients to help them discover insights to improve their Customer and employee experiences. “Everyone is talking about employee engagement, but you need to set your sights well beyond engagement and discover how to ignite passion,” says Crawford.  “The passion within your employees may already be there, however you need to ignite it and ultimately inspire Customer loyalty.”  Angela Crawford will be presenting at the 2017 Secret Service Summit.

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