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Announcing the Speaker Lineup For The 2019 Customer Service Revolution!

The two most important words in customer service are empathy and compassion. It is important to train your team members to operate with empathy and compassion throughout every customer interaction. The DiJulius Group recommends creating a Day in the Life of a Customer video in order to train your team the value of these concepts.

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Teaching employees to walk in the shoes of the customer facilitates their ability to relate to the customers. In many businesses, the customer facing employees cannot relate. For example, the employees are not in the same age range, income, or professional position, but we expect the employees to satisfy the customers regardless of these differences. If your team knows how to serve with empathy and compassion, they will take into consideration the perspective of the customers resulting in greater success of customer satisfaction.

The Day in the Life is usually a video, but can also be prepared as a slideshow with pictures that tell the story of a customer’s day. The video and/or presentation walks through real-life examples of what a customer’s day may look like. It is everything that happens to that customer before they interact with your business. The videos help the employees better understand where their customers may be coming from, so that they can provide better service. Sanford, The DiJulius Group


I had the absolute pleasure of working with Profile by Sanford to create their Day in the Life of a Customer video. Profile is a personal health coaching service developed by Sanford Health. Recently, the organization announced a significant increase in new stores with plans to grow from their current locations in 25 states to 38 states by the end of 2019.

Profile by Sanford has earned recognition on Entrepreneur Magazine’s competitive Franchise 500 list, ranking the health-coaching program No. 164 in its Franchise 500 list for 2019. Due to their rapid growth, training on customer service was essential for the organization. With the help of The DiJulius Group methodology, Profile created a Service Vision Statement, supporting Pillars, a list of Nevers & Always, and a Day in the Life of a Customer Video.

*Announcing the Speaker Lineup For The 2019 Customer Service Revolution!

Brian Aust, Director of Strategy and Communications for Profile, was the project champion that worked to create their Day in the Life Video:


“It’s important to our brand to use real members and real stories at every turn, and that was certainly true here. It shows in the final product because it is authentic and real. It helps new members of Team Profile connect much more quickly.”


This is a powerful tool for organizations to help their team feel a greater sense of purpose. They actually have a visual of how THEY can impact the lives of their customers.


“We’ve seen people outside the coach room – our franchise partners, our health promotion team members – be moved to tears by the video. They may never coach a member, but now they understand the impact they have by joining Team Profile.”

Nate Malloy, Profile’s CEO and Chief Growth Officer


As Profile continues to grow, the Day in the Life video will continue to educate new and existing employees on the importance of walking in the shoes of the customer and providing empathy and compassion in every interaction. Profile is committed to member-centric service that is truly world-class.


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Jess Pischel

As a former Customer Experience Consultant with The DiJulius Group, Jess  leads clients in generating ideas, turning those ideas into systems, and then implementing and executing them enterprise wide.