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Who said this? The first one to comment with the correct answer without clicking on the picture or googling the quote below wins a personalized copy of my newest book, The Customer Service Revolution! When you are done guessing and want to know who the author of this quote is, just click on the image below.

Can this quote apply to your business? I cannot think of a business, in any industry, that this quote isn’t what every leader would love for all employees to embrace. It applies whether the interaction is face-to-face, over the phone, via email; it even applies to support staff that only interacts with co-workers.

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Best Quote Ever – I will argue that this is not only the best Customer service quote ever said, but also the best quote in general by changing the words, ” our Customers” for “others.” It is totally applicable to the way we should live our lives every day. “It is about the human connection.”

Let your employees figure it out – This is a great exercise. Give this quote to your employees and ask them how they can “create enduring relationships and personal connections,” in their daily Customer interactions. Ask them how they can be “fully engaged, laugh with, and uplift the lives of their Customers, even if it is just for a few moments.” You will be shocked by how good your team’s answers are, which will be their guidelines to creating a unique and memorable moment every time.

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The Art of Exceeding Expectations – Amanda Johns Vaden is the world’s leading expert on reducing client turnover. Her signature program is called “And Then Some: The Art of Exceeding Expectations,” and it focuses on helping businesses and salespeople grow sales by retaining and strengthening relationships with their existing clients. Vaden shares how to consistently exceed Customer’s expectations. “It’s not what you say or even what you do that people remember. It’s how you make them feel that leaves a lasting impression long after you are gone. Creating intense loyalty is about giving people something they don’t expect and doing it in a way that is unique to them. In other words, it’s not about what you like, what you think is cool or what is convenient for you to do. It’s about what will catch THEIR attention, what will make them stop to look and ultimately what will make them want to work with you and only you. If you want people to remember you long after you are gone, then you have to make it all about them and never about you. It’s about under promising and over delivering on every attempt to communicate and on every commitment made.”

Amanda Johns Vaden presenting at The Secret Service Summit – Amanda Johns Vaden will be doing a breakout at the 2015 Secret Service Summit (September 29-30, Cleveland, OH) on how our businesses have to evolved to meet the needs of today’s people and their ever-changing expectations and marketplace. Today, for the first time in U.S. history, we have four complete generations working alongside each other in the U.S. workforce. That means you have a 100% likelihood of working with, managing, selling to or buying from someone who has a completely different set of expectations than you. As Customers’ standards change, so do our businesses. Once we learn how to target and tailor general expectations, and then individual expectations, you will begin to see a rise in the level of client interaction; thus increasing your Customer trust level which can then lead to a higher level of Customer loyalty, and finally an increase in client retention. You don’t need satisfied Customers, you need loyal Customers.

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