The Weather Report Challenge

Do you feel like your company has an obsessive customer service culture? Does your company provide the same level of customer experience each time? 

If it’s not, it’s an employee roulette. 

Now, here’s the best and easiest way to find out if your employees have extremely high service aptitude and if your company is obsessed with customer service. 

The Weather Report Challenge

Call your company and ask whoever answers the phone if they can tell you what the weather is in a completely different city and state. 

This is the weather report challenge. 

Using this approach shows you if you have a strong service culture. If your employees are not providing the same level of customer experience every single time, then you’re going to get an employee roulette. 

Creating a Culture of Leadership

Now, a lack of customer service aptitude is not the fault of the employee but of the customer service training or lack of it. Your employees’ reform is based on the service aptitude of every single employee from the CEO down to the newest employee. 

It is the culture they’ve been hired into, the training they get from the interview process and orientation, and the everyday internal marketing that teaches them that no request is too ridiculous. 

Now, It’s Your Turn!

How do you think your staff would handle the weather report challenge? 

Whether it’s a question about the weather, a game schedule, or anything that could be pulled up within seconds online, have someone call your business and see if the person answering is willing to do anything to delight your client. 

The goal is to have an extremely strong customer service culture that’s so accommodating that no request is outside of your employees’ job description. 

Record this call and share it with the employee that answered. It’s a great test to check the service aptitude of your team members and what kind of culture your leadership is creating for all your employees to follow.  

For more information and resources on The Weather Report Challenge, check out The Customer Service Revolution podcast. If you’d like to listen, head over to Episode 055: The Weather Report Challenge.

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