Time to Create your CX Squid Games

By now you have either binge-watched or at the very least, heard of the new Netflix hit drama series called Squid Games. Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a big prize or risk a deadly outcome. While the stakes don’t have to be as high, we have found that one of the best ways to ensure all your employees retain your customer experience training is to have your own type of competition.

For example, some companies will hold the Customer Experience Training Olympics, which can result in having teams/departments go head-to-head to see who scores the most, gets the most answers correct, or finishes first with correct answers. Jayman Built, a Canadian home builder and a client of The DiJulius Group, has built an amazing customer experience. Check out the video of how their employees compete against one another to demonstrate how well they know their Customer Service Action Statement and Never & Always non-negotiable standards.

DoorDash is Requiring Every Employee, from Engineers to CEO, to Deliver Food


If you want to create a great customer experience, you must start with everyone in your organization seeing it from the customer’s eyes. I love what DoorDash is doing, and every company needs to do something similar. All DoorDash employees, from the lowest-ranking software engineer to the company’s CEO, are required to do at least one food delivery run per month to better understand their customer and front-line employees’ perspective. How can you do this in your organization?

*Turn your Passion for CX into a Career Opportunity

Quote of the Week

“Quit calling them ‘soft skills’, there is nothing soft about them. They are ‘human skills’.”

–Simon Sinek

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What belief system needs to be changed in your world to accomplish the impossible?

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90% of Warby Parker’s new customers come from referrals.

Nothing Ruins a Company’s Customer Experience Faster than Rapid Growth

Explosive growth! It is the one thing every CEO and entrepreneur wants, works for, dreams about. However, if your company isn’t ready, it can be the worst thing for your organization. Download our new white paper on the 6 Reasons Your CX Plummets when your Business Skyrockets – and what you can do to Avoid it.  

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