Top 7 eServices of 2013

In case you missed it – The 7 most popular eServices of 2013 were the following. (I suggest printing them out, reading and sharing them with your management team.)

1. The Next 30 Years – I had the honor of being asked to present at my high school’s 30th reunion. I hope you enjoy this and find some things here that are applicable to your life’s journey. The Next 30 Years

2. 11 Rules to a World-Class Customer Service Mindset – This list is the acid test if you, the leader, truly want to create a world-class service culture. You must have the following mindset; 100% with no wavering. If any of these 11 rules are difficult to swallow or you don’t fully agree, you are not yet there. 11 Rules to a World-Class Customer Service Mindset

3. No problem is a Big problem – The biggest street slang terms used in every business today are the responses, “no problem” or “not a problem.” Find out why No problem is a Big problem

4. To Change the world by creating a Customer service revolution –

We are so proud of the fact that hundreds of organizations all over the world have adopted this as their vision of how they want to build their business and distance themselves from the competition. However, for it to be truly successful, for it not to be just another mantra, annual theme, platitude, or flavor of the month, it is critical you understand what creating a Customer service revolution really means. Breaking down the definition of Changing the world by creating a Customer service revolution — to its core.

5. Email Never & Always standards – We’ve noticed since helping our clients create and roll out these non-negotiable standards, that it’s lacking for people who work in jobs where they mostly communicate electronically, i.e. via email (corporate home office, internal support positions, Customer service reps, etc.). So the following are examples from some of The DiJulius Group’s consulting clients’ Email non-negotiable standards.

6. Nine worst Customer service retailers – The good news is, Customer satisfaction with retailers is at an all-time high. The bad news is, some well-known brands are not pleasing their Customers. Check out who the nine retailers with the worst Customer service were. Are you surprised by who is on the list?

7. To be the most Customer-centric company in the world – I love both as a consultant and Customer of their world-class service! They are one of the top 10 Customer service companies in the world. Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, is fanatical about the Customer experience. Most Customer-Centric company in the world

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Do not ask the Customers what they want, give them something that they cannot live without.

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