What The Best Uber Driver Can Teach You About Customer Experience



If you are like most, your Uber drivers are all about the same, some a little better or worse than others, but most consistently regular. In the several hundred I have had, not one stands out. However there is an Uber driver in the Toronto area that has received an astonishing average score of 4.99 from nearly 5,000 riders. In his article 7 customer service lessons from the best Uber driver ever, Neil Pasricha explains how this Uber driver has redefined the ride share passenger experience.

Reading Pasricha’s interview, you can immediately tell ‘Vish’ is not your typical Uber driver, “Either I do the thing, or I don’t do the thing. But if I do the thing, I do it the best,” says Vish. He keeps his vehicle immaculately clean, to the point that he wipes down his car after every passenger. “This car is my office. This is the only office I have in this business, so I’m supposed to keep it up, I’m supposed to maintain it, I’m supposed to clean it.”

Vish has his phone programmed to silent, and an auto-responder menu pops up on his screen to handle incoming texts and calls, allowing him to tap and send replies without losing focus on his passenger. Vish greets riders with an energetic, “Is it Neil?” “I try to break the ice by appreciating people,” Vish explains. “They will surely come back with a positive remark or a positive affirmation, sentence, or a line or a word to you.” He adds, “If you start with a smile, 99% of people will smile back. The most important thing in your life is to enjoy what you’re doing,”


The Secret Service Allowance

Watch this 90-second video to learn how one company has an incredible system called the Secret Service Allowance that allows their Customer facing employees to surprise and delight their Customers unexpectedly every month.



War On Talent

Tdg Sss Speakers Chester 1, The DiJulius GroupThere is a war for talent taking place on a global scale, and the future belongs to forward-thinking organizations that are focused on creating and sustaining a dynamic and compelling workplace culture. Eric Chester has been the leading voice in attracting, managing, motivating, and retaining the emerging workforce. As an in-the-trenches workplace researcher and thought-leader, Chester has cracked the code on the tactics and strategies companies recognized as best places to work in their respective industries are using to win the talent wars.

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