Why Wait Until 2020? Your CX Future Is Now!

Why Wait Until 2020? Your CX Future Is Now! |The Dijulius GroupWhy Wait Until 2020? Your CX Future Is Now! |The Dijulius Group

Every other article or blog that I read has a prediction for 2020 as it pertains to Customer Experience (CX) and expectation. I say, why wait until 2020? In my opinion, if you wait, you’ve lost. I pulled together my favorite 2020 predictions that your organization should start acting upon well before the predicted year.

Predicting the Future

By the year 2020:

  1. The Brand Experience will be the number one key differentiator over price and product.

Product and services levels are set, the only differentiator is your people; a systematized CX program and one of the best ways to be distinguished from the competition is to be consistent, every Customer, every time.

Adrian Swinscoe, best-selling author of How To Wow agrees.  “I think we need to consider throttling back on our obsession with what’s next. Customers still complain about inconsistent and unsatisfactory experiences. Have we moved forward? Are things better? Arguably not. Organizations often cite lack of collaboration and communication and silo-ed thinking. Being brilliant at the basics and delivering better and more consistent outcomes for customers and employees seems like a great option and one that, I hope, we see more of.”


  1. 90% of CMO’s expect to own the Brand Experience – from the Customer’s point of view!

Customer’s expectation of the experience they are provided is forcing organizations to re-evaluate the lines between departments and responsibility for the CX. As the Customer’s omnichannel expectation grows so does the duty of the keeper of the brand – the marketing department. Gene Alvarez, managing VP of Gartner, states that “the best CX leaders design their CX from the customers’ motivations and goals, and then they build their brand around the CX; not the other way around.”


Customer Service Revolution 2018

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  1. Customers will expect an omnichannel experience.

“Walking through the doors should be just like walking into your website.”

Cisco states that in the age of expanding digital commerce, successful retailers may blur the lines between online and physical stores to deliver an omnichannel experience that influences and serves the consumer, independent of the channel. They believe that smart brick-and-mortar stores will activate rich experiences to complement the strengths of their online channels (e.g., price comparison, product reviews, etc.) as well as offer unique in-store experiences that cannot be provided by online channels (such as trials and demos and in-store pickup).


  1. Hyper-Personalization;

Customers will no longer accept cookie-cutter experiences whether online or in store.  Most industries are experiencing a higher than usual demand for individualized products and services based on the needs and wants of each Customer.

Customers are more connected than ever, share more personal information and expect with the advancements in technology that the experience they receive is tailored to them and not the masses.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) will play a big role in collecting and aggregating Customers wants and needs, however AI is only as good as the human inputting the information. Alignment of technology and humans is crucial for retailers to live up to the customer’s expectation of hyper-personalization.


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Predicting the Future

What are you waiting for? The time is now to revolutionize your CX and get ahead of the 2020 predictions, no crystal ball needed.


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