Bezos’ Shows Zero Tolerance For Average Customer Service

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It is a proven fact that World-Class Customer Service organizations are run by someone who is OBSESSED with the experience their company delivers. Jeff Bezos has always been the poster boy of a CEO who is relentless about Customer Experience and the results show. Another key trait is zero tolerance for anything but exceptional Customer Service.

The following excerpt from Brad Stone’s The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon demonstrates just how fanatical he is. Bezos had become frustrated with the company’s hold times. During an executive meeting, Bezos asked the VP of Customer Service the average hold time for telephone support.  The VP responded that they were less than a minute. “Really?” Bezos said. “Let’s see.” Bezos than dialed Amazon’s 800-number on the speakerphone as all 30 executives observed. It turned into a very long, brutal, four and half-minute wait until someone finally answered his call. Bezos slammed the phone down. That VP of Customer Service resigned soon after.

What are you tolerating?

Examine every touch point your company has with your Customers. Which ones are mediocre? Average = unacceptable if the goal is to be a world-class customer service organization. Do not tolerate anything less than excellent.

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