6 Steps in Launching a Successful Customer Service Initiative that Lasts

Every company is guilty of coming up with a bunch of great ideas and incredible initiatives in a meeting room only to have them eventually fizzle out and die. 

Here’s a list is how The DiJulius Group ensures our consulting clients are seeing tangible results twelve months, three years, even five years later.

1. Create it.

Whether you are creating your customer experience action statement, non-negotiable standards, or service recovery zero risk protocols, you need to have a team known as a steering committee that is tasked with this initiative. 

Ideally composed of 12 to 18 people, this team should have both leadership and representation from nearly every department of your company, including the customer-facing frontline employees. This will ensure that the group as a whole is working in the best interest of the entire company. It will also help you have buy-in from each department.

The project also needs a “leader champion” who gets the steering committee together for an initial workshop. The “leader champion” should also hold follow-up meetings to make sure the team is doing the homework and exercises needed to create the best outcome possible.

2. Launch it.

There’s typically a disconnect between the group that gives birth to projects and the rest of the organization. That’s why it’s so important to have a launch that gets everyone on board. This involves communicating with every single employee and having a story tool in the launch.

3. Certify it.

Just because your employees watched the presentation online doesn’t mean they retained it. There must be a certification component. Test each employee to make sure they learned and retained the information that was taught in the launch.

4. Implement it.

The implementation is a rollout calendar of phases. This calendar needs to be tied with training and support materials.

5. Measure it.

Every department leader and employee needs to know the key performance indicator that measures the success of the initiative (e.g. retention rate, number of referrals, customer satisfaction score, or net promoter score). Your employees also need to see it daily and know exactly what impact it has and how they are contributing to it. 

Have two to three KPIs that are focused on making sure that everyone in your organization is achieving the experience you’ve created. 

Management employees need to obsess over this metric. Additionally, the ones hitting the goal need to be celebrated loudly while the ones who are underperforming need to be coached and convinced that this is the way you’re operating now and forever. Live it, love it, or leave it. 

Measure this goal consistently and immediately to make sure your employees know it’s a serious and non-negotiable measure that impacts your customers. This must be measured from 30 to 120 days to see its impact.

6. Sustain it.

Be relentless. There is no ribbon-cutting ceremony for a world-class customer service organization because you never arrive. You just need to keep branding and advertising your customer service culture back to all your employees. 

Then, recognize and celebrate employees who are modeling the behavior you want by playing games and posting your return on experience results to show the performance of the company, teams, and individuals.

For more information and resources on 6 Steps in Launching a Successful Customer Service Initiative that Lasts, check out The Customer Service Revolution podcast. If you’d like to listen, head over to Episode 059: 6 Steps in Launching a Successful Customer Service Initiative that Lasts

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