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When I am working with my clients, I always tell them that creating the Service Vision is difficult, but what is even more difficult is sustaining the momentum. Ensuring that it is alive and being executed twelve to eighteen months from now.

I had the pleasure of working with Al Serra Auto Plaza on their Service Vision Statement. They have done an exceptional job creating a sustainable program that has improved both their customer service and their internal work culture.

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I find that companies are always looking for a way to make their new programs stick. In order to do so, you must ACT, and you must ACT now. I have created the ACT Model to guide your Service Vision Statement implementation:

  1. Accountability: Someone has to own itAct Now, The DiJulius Group
  2. Commit: The organization has to commit to walking the walk
  3. Talk: Have to keep talking about it every day


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Al Serra Auto Plaza has established a Steering Committee that is responsible for their Customer Experience Program, which they refer to as World Class Customer Experience (WCCE).



The team at Al Serra Auto Plaza has committed to making this a lasting program. They have added the Customer Service Vision Statement to their email signatures, conduct weekly meetings to hold themselves accountable and most importantly, they have committed to certifying their entire staff.



They talk about it every day by sending out an email to the entire organization with a “Small Act of the Day” message. This email comes from the Executive Manager.


Here is an example of a “Small Act of the Day” email:

A customer brought their vehicle in for new tires and a wheel alignment. She advised David Sears that she needed the vehicle returned while it was still light outside because she has trouble driving at night. The vehicle was completed at dusk and David decided that was too close to dark for the customer. He called the customer and had her pay for the repairs over the phone. David then proceeded to personally deliver her vehicle to her home and coordinated our shuttle service to pick him up.

The Customer was so thankful and shocked that David would go to such great lengths to ensure she had her vehicle back in a timely manner and that she was safe!


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The “Small Act of the Day” emails encourage the team members to recognize each other and celebrate the stories!

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It is no secret that World-Class Customer Service starts at the top. The leadership team at Al Serra Auto Plaza is proud to have the members of their organization following the ACT Model every day.


Matt Serra, Executive Manager:

“Sending the small acts is my favorite part of the day. It reminds me how great our Team is and how much they care about our customers, their teammates, and their craft. It’s been really neat to see how much everybody has embraced it. They’re going out of their way to recognize each other and they’re finding creative ways to create a positive impact on our customer.”


Tony Nichols, Controller:

“It’s been amazing to see how contagious the acts have become since we started to communicate and recognize our associates.”  


When creating your Customer Service Program, or any other program within your organization, the ACT Model is key to sustainability and success.

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As a former Customer Experience Consultant with The DiJulius Group, Jess  leads clients in generating ideas, turning those ideas into systems, and then implementing and executing them enterprise wide.