Answers To The Top 6 Questions Each CXE Should Be Asking


A Customer Experience Executive (CXE) provides a comprehensive and authoritative view of the customer. This role is responsible for creating corporate and customer strategy at the highest levels of the company to maximize Customer acquisition, retention, and profitability. The CXE should influence strategies in all areas of the business that impact the customer and ensure the service strategies are intentionally built around the customer.


One of the fastest growing positions in corporate America is the CXE. Regardless of your company’s size or business model, someone in your organization has to be in charge of the customer experience and all that goes with it.


If you are currently the CXE or are liable for the responsibilities of the role, here are six questions you should ask yourself:


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  1. Do I have support? How much support do I need?

It is important that the executive team and/or CEO are bought into the customer experience program that you are working on. You will need the blessing of the leadership team because you will likely be asking them for approval of budget, time commitment and internal culture changes.


2. Am I supporting my CX ambassadors?

A customer experience ambassador(s) are those emerging leaders within the organization that are going to help you sustain the project momentum. Designating an individual within each department or location that can help you keep the project alive and be a personal advocate for your program will be key.


If you are lucky enough to have the personnel available to appoint CX ambassadors within each department or location you can lean on them for support. You will have a touchpoint in each location to help understand where roadblocks are occurring and more importantly, what is working well!


3. Do the employees have the tools and/or training they need to be successful?

Making sure that the employees have the training and tools they need to be successful will help the program run more smoothly, and allow the employees to feel confident implementing the content that you have created and rolled out. If they are not properly trained and do not feel confident with the material, they will not apply it to their roles.


4. Is this initiative having a positive impact on culture?

Tracking metrics related to internal culture will allow you to understand and keep a pulse on how the employees are reacting to the changes that you have implemented. Before you implement your program, I recommend sending out an employee survey so that you have benchmark data to measure against. In this survey, you should uncover the employee NPS (eNPS) score, if you do not already have that. The eNPS is an important tool in employee engagement and employee experience since it is simple to use and yields a single number that easily can show trends over time. I recommend sending the survey again, several months after your rollout so that you can compare the numbers and measure the success!


5. Is this initiative having a positive impact on customers?

Just as I recommend that you track internal engagement scores, you should also track the customer metrics. You must establish how you currently measure customer satisfaction: Referral rates, retention rates, first call resolution, sales, conversion rates, NPS, social media, etc.


6. How am I going to sustain the momentum?

Likely, you are already very passionate about the customer experience initiative but that needs to diffuse throughout the entire staff. If you have CX ambassadors that are available to help sustain the project, great! If not, you should give special attention to identifying several platforms where this information will be available to the team. I recommend conducting webinars, hosting roundtable discussions, creating posters, sending emails and fact sheets, hosting lunch and learns, sharing success stories…the list can (and should) go on! Be creative and have fun with this – if you don’t, how will your team have fun with it?! People need to hear things 5-7 times in 5-7 different ways before it actually sticks. Everyone learns differently, so create unique methods to get the information out there and make it stick!


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