Are Your Managers “Heroes” or “Zeros” When Putting Out Customer Fires?

We’ve all been there.  Stuck in an unsatisfactory customer experience with no hope of resolution in site, and we utter the words “Can I speak with the manager, please?”

Ah, The Manager – the person that holds the magical key to all resolutions and customer happy endings.  That’s the way it works in your organization, right?  Well, chances are that as a business leader, you are not even exactly sure as to what is happening when your managers are asked to assist.

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Let’s take that a step further…what are your managers trained to do in a difficult customer situation?  Trained, you ask?  Why do they need to be trained?  They manage a team and have seen every possible scenario, don’t they have all of the answers?

And there is the problem – organizations assume that managers have everything covered, but rarely offer training or a roadmap of handling common issues that both team members and managers will face.  What do you think your chances are of customer retention or simply good will when the manager gets involved only to make the situation worse?

Managers Making Situations Worse

Service Management Group (SMG) headquartered in Kansas City, is an organization that measures the customer experience for many organizations.  While tracking feedback for a restaurant client, they found some startling results.  SMG coded all the complaint comments into categories and expected to find that most problems would be related to either food or service.   While that was true, the unexpected discovery was that the restaurant managers were the main cause of the very worst issues.  These were issues where the customer complained about the food or service, so the manager came to the table.  But the managers only made the original problem worse by being defensive or unwilling to work with the customer.

As a result, one-third of the calls that were escalated by the customer to the corporate office were about the managers’ failure to help with the issue.  One must wonder if those issues were worthy of escalation if the manager had not stepped in?=

Now, as yourself what is currently happening in your organization a customer asks, “may I speak with your manager, please??”

One way to be a little more confident with the answer to that question is to provide your team and managers the tools to handle tricky situations effectively and consistently.  Colton RV, an amazing recreational vehicle dealership based in Western New York, did just that recently with the launch of their Zero Risk Playbook.  In Zero Risk, we focus on the areas where we drop the ball and making sure our managers and team members then have the protocols in place to make it right.

Here is a great example from Colton RV that helps both managers and customer-facing team members when customers are not happy.  It is their protocol for handling customer complaints, and it is LEAP TO action.  Colton’s new LEAP TO action helps ensure that all team members (especially managers) have the tools they need to effectively handle a customer complaint, and it ensures that the process is happening consistently well across the entire organization.  Here is what LEAP TO action reminds the Colton team to do every time they receive a complaint:

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By following their new LEAP TO action guideline, team members and managers now have the tools and confidence to handle any tricky issue they may face.  Likewise, customers are having their expectations set and follow-up provided on a consistent basis.  LEAP TO action is a win-win scenario when things do not go quite right.

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