Compensation Has To Be On Customer Retention Not Just Sales

Restaurant Has Customers Paying $300+ Per Plate

Eleven Madison Park, a restaurant in New York, is disrupting the traditional stuffy fine dining experience. The key to their success? The restaurant employs three Dreamweavers, whose sole task is to create unique experiences for their customers. I love what owner Will Guidara says, “I think if you are trying to do anything of significance, you can never appeal to everyone.” Guidara then says, “I do know that there’s a basic human desire to feel seen. There’s a basic human desire to feel cared for, to feel understood, to feel welcomed.” Sounds like Eleven Madison Park is operating in The Relationship Economy. Watch this short video and see how they do it. 


Compensation Has To Be On Customer Retention Not Just Sales

Employee compensation needs to be as focused on customer retention—delivering world-class customer service—as it is on customer acquisition. A great example of how this might work is the sales commission plan for HubSpot, a marketing and sales software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, featured in an HBR article. “In 2015, a sales rep earned commission on everything they closed,” says Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot. “Now, we’ve made two important tweaks to it: a carrot and a stick. The stick was very unpopular. If a sales rep closed an account, and that account cancelled within eight months, the company would ‘claw back’ that commission. Painful, but effective. The carrot was easier, and also effective. The sales reps that do the best job at setting expectations, who have high retention rates and the happiest customers, receive a kicker, getting paid at a higher rate. Our sales reps are focused not only on closing customers, but on delighting customers.” 


Makebighappen, The DiJulius GroupMake Big Happen

I have had the good fortune of working with CEO guru Mark Moses. We actually share many clients. Moses is CEO & Founding Partner of CEO Coaching International. CEO Coaching International works with the world’s top entrepreneurs, CEOs and companies. Moses is a coach to some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. He shares his methodology in his book, Make Big Happen, How to live, work and give BIG: Your Step-by-Step Plan to Achieve BIG Results. Through his best practices, methodology and real-life stories, he shows you how to excel in a rapidly changing business world. 


Mark Moses Presenting At The Customer Service Revolution

The DiJulius Group is thrilled to announce Mark Moses will be presenting at the 2019 Customer Service Revolution. Mark presented in 2017 and our attendees have begged for us to bring him back again. Mark has a completely new presentation titled The 4 Steps To A 9 Figure Exit! This presentation is for any leader who wants to grow their business to nine figures or to a successful exit. A company’s potential is limited only by the CEOs vision for its success and the team assembled to realize that vision. Deep dive into the 4 steps and real-world activities that led several organizations to more revenue, greater valuations, and dream exit scenarios and the steps you can take to achieve similar results.

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“Don’t adapt to the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room.”

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