How One Franchisee Disrupted Own Industry

How One Franchisee Disrupted Own Industry

Like many, the carpet cleaning industry has

Coits Service Vision, The DiJulius Group

dramatically changed over the last decade. At one time it was a booming business to be in, until hardwood floors became all the rage in home building and remodeling. As a result of the dramatic lose of revenue; the knee jerk reaction of the majority of carpet companies was to slash prices. What most eventually found out was discounting your prices is just a race to the bottom. Harvey Siegel, franchisee of Coit Cleaners in Northeast Ohio, and a long time client of The DiJulius Group, admits he started down that same path, but soon realized discounting was the wrong strategy. “No discount was going to bring customers back that no longer had carpets,” says Siegel. “So we needed to reinvent our business model, by creating new revenue streams and a memorable experience that would get customers talking about us and recommending us.”


So what did Siegel do? He created new revenue streams such as cleaning upholstery, drapery & blinds, tile & grout, air ducts, and restoration services. Not to mention hardwood floors. They also expanded into commercial besides just residential. “We have differentiated ourselves away from the commodity field and positioned ourselves as the quality provider delivering great customer service and value.  We also upped our game by not just offering a money back guarantee but have made the guarantee unconditional,” Siegel says. As a result, Coit Cleaners is the market leader in Northeast Ohio and has done it by competing in experience wars not price wars.

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How To Balance Artificial Intelligence In Your Contact Center

Avatar IBM Watson Lockup Pos RGB, The DiJulius GroupOne of the strategic ways to dominate The Relationship Economy is using technology to perform basic tasks, allowing employees to focus on what is most important: Building relationships that result in higher customer loyalty, retention, lifetime value, and job satisfaction. No industry is being impacted by Artificial Intelligence more than the customer service contact center. Call centers worldwide are looking for new and strategic ways to increase operational performance, reduce cost and still provide high-touch customer experiences that improve customer loyalty and highlight ways to increase revenue and productivity. That is where IBM Watson comes in. Watson is IBM’s suite of enterprise-ready AI services, applications, and tooling. Watson Assistant offers an easy way for call centers to build conversational interfaces into any application, device or channel. Read more about How You Can Increase Customer Satisfaction With Artificial Intelligence.


Fredrik Tunnvall Image 2  RESIZED 1, The DiJulius GroupFredrick Tunvall Presenting At The Customer Service Revolution

The DiJulius Group is thrilled to announce Fredrick Tunvall, Global Product Manager at IBM Watson, will be presenting at the 2019 Customer Service Revolution. The title of Tunvall’s presentation is Top 3 Customer Service AI Uses to Improve Engagement and Reduce Costs. In this presentation learn:

  • Why AI implementation has grown 270 percent in the past four years.
  • How AI has become an integral part of customer service strategies.
  • What benefits are businesses actually seeing.
  • How you can implement AI in your organization.


The Customer Service Revolution Breakout Lineup

The 2019 Customer Service Revolution has a breakout lineup of incredible presenters. The only drawback is you may have a difficult time deciding which ones to attend. Take your time now to read over the descriptions and start thinking about which ones you would like to attend during the three breakout sessions.


Customer Service Revolution Speaker Lineup, The DiJulius GroupQuote this week

“Technology is not the enemy, using it to eliminate the human experience is”

– John R. DiJulius III


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