131: From Boomers to Zoomers

Ever wondered why some brands like Starbucks continue to be loved generation after generation? Or perhaps you’ve pondered how the pandemic has forever changed the workforce, particularly for the Gen Z population?

John’s son, Cal DiJulius, joins him to unravel the mysteries of Gen Z in the workforce. As we ground our discussions in data-driven insights and actionable strategies, we reveal the unique behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of this populous and diverse generation.

John and Cal have a heartfelt conversation about the pandemic’s impact on Gen Z’s career journeys, including Cal’s, and how it reshaped the concept of a fulfilling work environment. A key focus of the conversation is the Employee Experience Revolution – a framework that aims to create a world-class brand experience. They probe into the vital role of authenticity and “cancel culture” in the workplace, the importance of re-engaging and reinvigorating around a common goal, and the necessity for accommodations like remote working, personal days, and work-life balance.

John and Cal reflect on John’s experience helping Starbucks create a customer experience action statement and the ripple effects on their brand. They pull apart the power of work and adaptation using New Day USA as a case study and caution against the dangers of business stagnation. Finally, they address the challenge of bridging generational divides in the workplace and fostering connections between Gen Zers and other generations.

Tune in, and let’s demystify Gen Z and foster a vibrant, inclusive workplace environment.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • The unique behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of Gen Z in the workplace, with data-driven insights from a Pew Research study
  • The impact of the pandemic on the work experiences of Gen Z and the increasing importance of flexibility, humanity, and balance in the workplace
  • An analysis of the implications of “cancel culture” on Gen Z in the workplace and the importance of authenticity, purpose, and culture for this generation
  • Starbucks’ approach to creating customer experience action statements and how this influenced their brand
  • The power of work and the need for adaptation, using New Day USA as a case study
  • The challenge of bridging generational divides in the workplace and fostering connections between Gen Z and other generations
  • Strategies to empower Gen Zers in the workplace and create a vibrant, inclusive environment

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