Customer Experience Metrics: Creating Effective Dashboards

How are you measuring the return on your customer experience?  In an era where numbers dominate the business landscape, customer experience metrics have emerged as the holy grail that differentiates leaders from the laggards. The rationale behind this emphasis is clear—customers no longer make decisions purely based on price or product; instead, their experiences influence their purchasing behaviors, loyalty, and advocacy. Enter the Return on Experience (ROX) Dashboard, a customer experience metrics tool capable of defining success in quantifiable metrics and pinpointing the areas that need urgent attention.

We at The DiJulius Group have long championed the importance of data-driven approaches to customer experience. With over two decades of experience in the field and having worked with myriad clients including those in healthcare, hospitality, finance, and retail, the firm recognizes the true power of ROX.

Using Metrics to Understand the Impact of a Customer Experience Investment

The magic of an ROX Dashboard lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. An ROX dashboard is a strategic tool that organizations use to quantify and evaluate the impact of customer experience on their business. At its core, the ROX dashboard goes beyond traditional financial metrics to demonstrate how investments in customer experience translate into tangible business outcomes. This dashboard showcases the real-time metrics tied directly to customer experience. By translating customer sentiments and feedback into numbers, it enables businesses to understand their performance, identify pain points, and make improvements—all in real-time.


NewDay USA: Crafting a Stellar Veteran Experience

NewDay USA stands out as a quintessential example of how an ROX Dashboard can revitalize an organization’s approach to customer experience. As a trailblazer in Veteran mortgage lending for 20 years, NewDay USA has served over 100,000 Veteran families. Yet, they grappled with a significant challenge—the stark contrast between their customers, largely 70+ year-old Vietnam Veterans, and their employees, predominantly “green grads” in their early twenties.

The realization was inevitable. Despite the commendable hiring and training of young recruits, the burgeoning firm was facing challenges in delivering an exceptional customer experience. CEO Rob Posner observed that many of their 500+ employees weren’t consistently meeting the mark.

Identifying Quantifiable CX Metrics

Enter The DiJulius Group. Over a decade-long association, NewDay was transformed into a “World Class organization,” primarily by zeroing in on the Veteran Experience. Through a meticulous implementation of The DiJulius Group’s methodologies and the creation of the ROX Dashboard, NewDay could bring quantifiable metrics into their customer service domain.


NewDay USA’s ROX dashboard, shared weekly among team members, offers a transparent representation of performance. Every team member’s progress vis-à-vis key performance indicators (KPIs) is visible not just to their peers but also to their superiors. A particularly salient feature of this dashboard is the so-called “pimple report”.

Dashboard to understand CX Metrics

Measuring the Return On Experience

The “pimple report” is NewDay’s internal name for their ROX dashboard and serves as an innovative internal metric system used by NewDay USA to ensure consistent communication with its clients, the Veterans. In the context of mortgage processing, clear and regular communication is crucial, as Veterans are often dependent on timely fund disbursements. This report, rather humorously dubbed the “pimple report”, focuses on a specific performance indicator: how often the Account Executive communicates with a Veteran. The non-negotiable standard at NewDay is the Account Executive must communicate with a Veteran every 48-hours with an update. When they miss that 48-hour window, a “pimple” is registered against the Account Executives’ name. The “pimple report” then collates these instances, presenting them in a format where individual performance can be monitored. In essence, this report acts as a feedback mechanism, spotlighting lapses in communication. Those who have frequent “pimples” are identifiable as needing further training or support, ensuring that Veterans receive the consistent, responsive service they deserve.

This internal metric, though it has a funny name, signifies lapses in communication—a key determinant of customer satisfaction.

Quantifiable Success

The results of NewDay’s implementation of the ROX dashboard were nothing short of spectacular. By identifying a primaryJohn On Stage Youtube, The DiJulius Group pain point—the alarming rate of Veterans Opting Out (VOO)—they transformed a challenge into an opportunity. Prior to the intervention, NewDay was losing 15% of their potential customers, costing them a staggering $400,000 in potential revenue per 1% VOO, every month. The introduction of consistent communication, manifested through the reduction of ‘pimples’, saw the VOO percentage plummet from 15% to 8%. This 7% dip translated to an uptick of over $2 million in revenue each month—all without an increase in advertising or marketing expenses.


In today’s volatile business environment, the ROX Dashboard stands as a beacon for companies to not only measure but also enhance their customer experience. As the NewDay USA example spotlights, a keen focus on data-driven insights can lead to tangible results. As the adage goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” The time to integrate an ROX dashboard into your customer experience strategy is now.


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Brian Cygan, CEO, The Exercise Coach

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The Customer eXperience Executive of the Year

Franco CX Of They Year, The DiJulius Group
Franco Greco, NewDay USA

It is important to recognize that our work with any organization is only possible because of committed leaders that drive change and results. NewDay’s Chief Revenue Officer, Franco Greco (a graduate of The Customer eXperience Executive Academy), embodies the very essence of growth and leadership. Having dedicated nearly 11 years to the organization, Franco’s journey from an Account Executive to a key figure in the C-Suite is a testament to his unwavering commitment and expertise. At our recent Customer Service Revolution Conference in October, I had the honor of presenting Franco with our coveted Customer eXperience Executive of the Year award. A true project leader must not only preach but practice exceptional customer experience and foster a nurturing internal culture. Franco does precisely that, showcasing impeccable communication skills, an unyielding passion for service, and an innate drive to elevate the experiences of both internal team members and external customers. To burgeoning professionals like myself and the vast number of colleagues he mentors, Franco stands as a beacon of inspiration. Our endeavors at The DiJulius Group are amplified when individuals like Franco champion our cause, internalizing its value and driving transformative changes. His pivotal role in fortifying our decade-long association with NewDay USA, our longest consulting client, cannot be overstated.



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