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Customer Experience Stands Out | The DiJulius Group

Nearly every business states how important customer service is to them, however, the vast majority don’t truly mean it, are not willing to do what it takes and will never be a world-class customer service organization.

I can tell which companies are the pretenders and which are legit by asking one simple question, “Who is in charge of your company’s customer experience?”

A contact center supervisor or director of your customer service team does not qualify. You’re not in the game; you can’t even get in the stadium.

Even though the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) or Chief Customer Officer (COO) has been one of the fastest growing executive positions for the last decade, the majority of companies do not have anyone who owns their customer experience—someone who loses sleep at night over how the company is treating their customers. The businesses that do have someone responsible for the experience, demonstrate their senior-level executive sponsorship and commitment to the long-term strategy of dominating their industry by providing superior customer service.

I am talking about a leader who oversees the entire company’s customer service, every department. That someone should not be the president, CEO, or owner, but someone who reports directly to them. Companies have heads of operations, marketing, accounting, sales, and human resources, but our second biggest asset (other than our employees) is our customer. How happy they are is determined by the customer experience we deliver. Until recently, the vast majority of companies had no one in charge of the customer or their experience. Regardless of your company’s size, you need to have someone who loses sleep at night over the customer. Someone who is focused on how every department and the training all employees are receiving affect the customer’s experience.

Being A Customer Obsessed Organization

A few decades ago, companies had all the expertise and knowledge, while the consumer had relatively little, which meant that businesses had all the leverage. Today that has completely changed; the customer has the exact same info as any company and the leverage has shifted to them. Nearly every product and service is a commodity. The only differentiator is in the experience a company can create and deliver. An incredible experience today affects people’s emotions; it has to make them feel something.

Making a customer-obsessed organization extends well beyond your customer service team. It has to be the responsibility of every single department from human resources, training, marketing, support, sales, IT, finance, operations, to leadership. Your compensation needs to be just as focused on customer retention, as it is on customer acquisition.


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A CX Legend Leaves An Incredible Legacy

On January 3 of this year, Herb Kelleher, a rebel & innovator and Southwest Airlines co-founder, passed away. Fortune magazine once said, Herb Kelleher, The DiJulius Group“Kelleher was perhaps the best CEO in America.” Back in December of last year, I had Kelleher listed as # 7 of the greatest Customer Experience leaders of all time.  Southwest has had 46 years of consecutive profitability in an industry where horrible customer service is the norm, an industry with deplorable employee morale and where turning a profit is next to impossible. Southwest has thousands of employee evangelists rarely seen anywhere else and is one of the most referenced iconic Customer Service brands.

I read a great article, 20 Reasons Why Herb Kelleher Was One Of The Most Beloved Leaders Of Our Time, written by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg. I strongly recommend reading this article. Here are a few of my favorite parts of the article:

Herb created a culture that inspires passionate people to come to work fully awake, fully engaged, firing on all cylinders because they know they are doing epic work.

Herb never met someone he couldn’t learn from. He had a beautiful knack for disarming you with his wit and self-effacing humor and then drawing you into a dialog that made you feel smart—as though your ideas were good and worthy.

Herb understood that you can’t build a great company without great people. If you’re an altruistic, outgoing person who enjoys serving others, and is team-oriented, you probably have what it takes to work at Southwest.

The people of Southwest Airlines believe that their work is more than just a job; it’s a cause or a crusade. They give ordinary people the freedom to fly and the opportunity to go, see, and do extraordinary things. They are in the business of freedom fighting for the grandmother on a limited income, the child whose parents are separated, or the entrepreneur who wants to expand her business into multiple cities.

Herb said, “Our mortality signifies that we have one earthly chance to make a mark—to be remembered—as a leader who accomplished something constructive for humankind.”

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