How to Create a Culture Built on World-Class Employee and Customer Experience

Are you too focused on customer service so much so that you’ve pretty much lagged behind on employee experience? 

Employee and customer relationships are critical and that’s why you need to maintain them. 

When you build a world-class internal culture, what’s experienced on the inside will be experienced on the outside.

It’s Worth the Investment!

Investing in a role that handles employee and customer experience is something you have to be committed to.

There isn’t any half measure. 

It’s actually going to be like running a business inside of your business to ensure that employee and customer engagement, relationships, and experiences are at the highest level. This permeates from the frontlines to the executive level. 

It is the determining factor if people are doing a good job for you. 

What an Employee and Customer Experience Role Entails

Consider creating a customer experience team as its own department. They keep up with all of your experiential training, mapping of the processes, and coordinating with human resources to make sure employees are onboarded and trained correctly. They do all of the surveys for customers and employees.

Use this as your framework for your culture. When they’re independent, they get to set the tone, the pace, and their attitude.

If you’re concerned about payroll and you can’t afford to have a team dedicated to doing this, have a representative in every department where part of their job is to be the champion for customer experience at their location. 

They are the driving force of your company. Meet with them regularly to check on them and see what kind of support they need. 

A Culture Built on Employee and Customer Experience

The more value your employees feel, the more engaged they are. Build this spirit and culture and they’ll love the company. They love how they’re treated as employees and it will spill over into the customer interaction.

Provide an environment that people want to work in and they won’t want to work anywhere else. You need to build a culture that attracts and keeps the best people.

For more information and resources on how to create a world-class employee and customer experience, check out The Customer Service Revolution podcast. If you’d like to listen, head over to 007: Giving a World-Class Employee and Customer Experience with Mike and Tina Hodges


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