How To Create A Servant Leadership Culture

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How to Create a Servant Leadership Culture
By John DiJulius, Chief Revolution Officer

I have had the good fortune to work with many great leaders of successful companies. One of the best of them is Admiral Thomas Lynch, who AdmiralLynch, The DiJulius Groupserved in the US Navy for 31 years. He was also the captain of the Naval Academy’s football team, as well as the center for Heisman Trophy award winner and Super Bowl champion Roger Staubach. Admiral Lynch serves as the executive chairman of NewDay USA, a mortgage company for active service members, veterans, and their families. Lynch’s incredible leadership compass came about from something he learned on his very first day at the Naval Academy.

Ship, Shipmate, Self

It was in the summer of 1960, as a freshman (plebe) at the Academy, that Lynch was taught the meaning of “Ship, Shipmate, Self”. As Lynch explains it, It calls for one to subordinate their own interest in a selfless pursuit of serving others. It’s only through such a commitment of self-sacrifice that one can realize fulfillment as a boss, officer, parent, or leader.”

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“Throughout my life, I would use this fundamental message to both motivate and measure myself. This concept was built on the premise that no thought, deed, or action would be taken without first thinking: How does this impact our ship, then my shipmates and then self?” Lynch says. “Both individual and global success could be realized through a collective pledge of selfless sacrifice. This system of leadership would draw upon the natural impulse of people to want to be part of something greater than one’s self—to find gratification by contributing to a cause that serves others.”

Lynch’s leadership style can and should be applied across all companies. It speaks to the need that all of us have to feel we work for more than a paycheck, more than ourselves, but for some greater organization. It won’t surprise you that one of NewDay USA’s core values is Ship, Shipmate, Self. With leaders like Lynch, it also shouldn’t surprise you, that even during the current COVID crisis, NewDay USA is one of the fastest growing companies.

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Companies like Uber and Airbnb were born during the recession of 2007-09. Warning: It is not new technology brought on by new startups that you are in danger of, it is lazy leaders, with stale outdated customer experience models, that fail to respond to frustrated customers who leave the door open for disruption. This HBR article highlights that very well: Disruption Starts with Unhappy Customers, Not Technology.


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Watch this 90 second video on how technological advancements are the easiest for your competitors to copy so you better be providing a great customer experience as well.

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“It’s a truly lucky man who knows what he wants to do in this world, ’cause that man will never work a day in his life. But there are a few…there are a few people who find something they HAVE to do! Something that obsesses ’em. Something that if they can’t do it, it drives them clean out of their minds!”

Carroll Shelby, played by Matt Damon in Ford vs Ferrari


5.     Book I Recommend

BeyondBedsideManner, The DiJulius GroupBeyond Bedside Manner, written by my friend and colleague Shareef Mahdavi, helps doctors (actually any business owner) take their customer experience to a new level. I was privileged to get an advance copy and be quoted on the back cover!

Why is it that some businesses nail the customer experience, while others miss it completely? Healthcare providers are no exception. Much of the current anger about the state of healthcare can be traced back to a poor patient experience. Beyond Bedside Manner redefines the doctor-patient relationship in ways that create significantly more value for everyone in the chain of care. This includes the patient, the doctor and the practice.


6. Resource To Help Take Your Customer Experience To The Next Level

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LeadingInaCrisis PodcastEp3, The DiJulius Group

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