Recapping Week 5 of The Customer Service Revolution Conference

It’s week 5 of The Customer Service Revolution Conference featuring another amazing roster of speakers including Ken Blanchard, Adrienne Bankert, J.R. Heckman, Dave Murray, and John DiJulius. 

Here are some takeaways from each of our speakers this week:


John DiJulius – Chief Revolution Officer of The DiJulius Group

  • It’s not the great idea that works, but the great passion behind it. Passion is the emotional fuel that drives your vision. You need that passion to get where you want to go. It’s the fuel that keeps you going when there’s no outside validation for your dream.
  • How to create a reality distortion fieldYou have to reimagine logic. If it makes logical sense, there’s a really good chance that someone else is already doing it. 
  • What it takes to be a revolutionary You are a revolutionary if you are fascinated by the future, restless for change, impatient for progress, and deeply dissatisfied with the status quo. 


Ken Blanchard

Ken is the co-author of more than 65 books including the iconic bestseller The One Minute Manager® with combined sales of over 23 million copies in 47 languages. Ken is the co-founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a globally recognized leadership training and consulting firm. He also co-founded Lead Like Jesus, a worldwide organization committed to helping people become servant leaders.

  • Effective leaders focus on two elements: results and human satisfaction. 
  • The four areas leaders must engage in:
    • Have the right target and vision.
    • Treat your people right
    • Treat your customers right. 
    • Have the right kind of leadership and that is servant leadership.


Adrienne Bankert

Adrienne is an Emmy award-winning journalist, author, and speaker. She is the author of Your Hidden Superpower.

  • Reimagine what kindness really means – Kindness is not only powerful but also necessary in today’s marketplace. 
  • Schedule kindness throughout the day. Look for areas where you can do it so you can be programmed to function in a kind mindset. 
  • Use your resources for the benefit of others.
  • Be kind to yourself. Make the time for whatever you can do to stay relaxed because people need a safe harbor in the eye of the storm. Because your kind self is your best self. 


J.R. Heckman

J.R. Heckman is a classically trained vocalist who was chosen to be a National Jimmy Award Finalist in addition to being a three-time Playhouse Square Dazzle Award Recipient for Best Actor. 

  • Reimagine what could be. Be the change that you want to see. When the world needs something new, let it come from you.

For more key takeaways from the Customer Service Revolution Conference, check out The Customer Service Revolution podcast. If you’d like to listen, head over to 028: Recapping Week 5 of The Customer Service Revolution Conference


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