Show Me You Care More about Helping My Business than Getting My Business

Show Me You Care More About Helping My Business Than Getting My Business

*On Sunday, July 24th, a long-time mentor and friend of mine, Larry Gould passed away at the age of 96. In two of my books, I have written about Larry’s amazing ability to help people first, without expecting anything in return. Larry was one of the most special human beings I have ever known. I was fortunate to have known him for over two decades.  

I met Larry Gould back in 1998, after the first business I started, John Robert’s Spa, was featured on the front page of the business section of our daily newspaper because of our rapid growth. 

Larry walked into our corporate offices a few days later. Nobody had ever seen him before. He said he saw the article in the paper, and as a congratulations gift, he presented us with the story on a beautiful metal plaque. Immediately suspicious, I asked, “What’s your pitch?” He said, “Nothing, I just want to congratulate you. I love to see young people succeed.” 

After that Larry started coming in once a month for a haircut. It was always a pleasure to see him; Larry knows a lot about many things—business, family, and people—and he brought a great deal of positive energy with him every time he visited. One time he asked me, “John, would you mind if I purchased $50 spa gift cards for some of my top clients?” I said, “Do I mind? Of course not.” 

I was embarrassed I didn’t even know what Larry did for a living. I asked him, and he said, “I help people save money and take care of their family through some vehicles I provide, such as life insurance, estate planning, and numerous other ways.” I had already heard that same line from dozens of insurance salesmen but never from someone who had given me so much first. 

Larry knows the secret of making people want to do business with him. He talks about what interests them and about how to help them get what they want. His interests or desires never enter the conversation. He also doesn’t ask for your business. He gets the other person to ask what he does. Eventually, I bought a small term-life policy because I needed it and because I wanted to give Larry the business. He had more than earned it. 

Over the course of two decades, Larry has taken my entire family and me to dinner several times. He has attended my son’s wrestling tournaments and has never missed attending my annual Customer Service Revolution conference. For nearly 20 years, he has dropped off pastry every Friday at each of our salon locations and corporate office. Most importantly, Larry is a personal friend who is always full of great advice and encouragement. 

As a result of Larry’s way of doing business, I have to admit I am probably the most over-insured human being. His approach has me constantly thinking, “How can I give him more of my business?” It makes me wonder how many of my clients think, “How can I give John more business?” How many of your clients think that way about your company? 

When I met Larry back in 1998, he was 72 years old. What’s the secret to his success? He says, “If you have a client who needs a job, then help him with a resume and introduce him to your contacts. If you know someone who is looking for funds, then introduce him to potential investors. If you know someone who is looking for an employee, then help him find a key person. If you know someone who is looking for a loan, then fix him up with a banker. Be a resource for people. Learn to help people first, long before you ever ask for the sale.”

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Give More

“Give More” are my two favorite words. Larry Gould epitomized the “Give More” philosophy. The best way to build long-term sustainable relationships is to give more in both your personal life and in business. I have tried to build my life’s purpose around these two words—give more. 

We live in a very cynical society. We tend to operate by agreement: You do A, B, and C, and I do X, Y, and Z. However, most people wait to make sure the other person does their part first. What I try to practice and teach my employees and my boys is to do X, Y, and Z first and throw in W, even though it wasn’t part of the deal. Give more than the deal says, more than what is expected. Don’t wait for the other person to do what they promised, don’t keep score, and don’t have a good memory. I don’t remember three years ago when someone didn’t do “you borrow your neighbor’s pickup truck to move furniture, return it cleaner and with more gas than it had originally.” 

Just give more in all your relationships. To your company, employees, co-workers, customers, significant other, and everyone you come in contact with. It will come back to you 10x. 


We are so thrilled to announce that Jess Pettitt will be keynoting at this year’s Customer Service Revolution. Though often referred to as a thought leader, Jess responds that she just makes leaders think. For Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to work to stick, the first step is a conversation that matters about what you don’t know you don’t know, then you can do the best you can with what you have some of the time without getting sued, losing talent, or failing customers.

In her breakthrough message, author and keynote speaker Jess Pettitt reveals the truth about how we can be the best versions of ourselves now! By being our authentic selves, we can immediately improve our companies, relationships, and communities.

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