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Chewy: A Brand Pet Owners Can’t Live Without

An online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products, Chewy is quickly becoming a brand pet owners can’t live without. As you can see by the tweet receiving over 404,000 likes, Chewy’s customer service and resulting customer satisfaction score with pet owners are outstanding, providing the company with a competitive advantage that is hard to beat.

Chewy puts careful focus on the entire customer journey, beginning with customer service training that teaches their reps to build connections with their customers. Reps learn to go above and beyond, especially when their customers are dealing with the emotional loss of a pet. It is a touching and effective example–particularly with American consumers, who tend to think of themselves as “pet parents”–of how being human is good business and can lead to extended customer lifetime.

Chewy’s customer experience action statement is “Exceeding Expectations Through Every Interaction.” Channels for customer service include over the phone and via their website, and contact centers are staffed 24/7 with employees who love pets, all but guaranteeing a warm chat experience in which the customer feels cared about and heard. With such an approach, a poor customer experience would be rare, and an unhappy customer, practically nonexistent. Chewy even built a large internal “wow team” responsible for dreaming up and executing remarkably thoughtful, kind, customizable solutions, similar to the example above. With company policy clearly being to offer the best service ever, it’s not surprising that Chewy has made the list of favorite brands.

With 70 percent of sales coming from automatic order refills, it is also no surprise that Chewy’s customer service experiences have earned the company one of the highest Net Promoter Scores, consistently in the 80s and 25 points higher than their nearest competition.  In 2017, Chewy was acquired by PetSmart for $3.35 billion, at the time the largest-ever acquisition of an e-commerce business.

CMPD Serves: To Protect and Service One Year After Launch

What types of companies have customer experience themes like “Leave a positive impression that will earn a genuine thank you,” or “Be a Day Maker”? High-end restaurants, 5-star hotels? Believe it or not, those statements belong to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD). It was just over a year ago that CMPD, along with The DiJulius Group, launched the first ever customer service revolution in law enforcement. Before then, customer service was considered an oxymoron in policing and this police department was no exception. Charlotte’s Police Chief, Johnny Jennings was the visionary and catalyst and was relentless in revolutionizing policing by delivering excellent customer service.

With all the resistance and skepticism, both around the country regarding law enforcement agencies and inside this police department with 2200 law enforcement personnel, this was a monumental task and a challenging job assignment. American law enforcement in general and CMPD, in particular, were under the national microscope and these police officers had to produce tangible results.  And yet with additional training on exceptional customer service, not only did they change their internal culture, they changed the collective culture and stigma of law enforcement throughout the U.S. This happened via community policing focused on improving traditional response with exceptional customer service–even during calls for service sometimes including a type of event that didn’t always look good at the outset. Specifically, they focused on sharing positive attitudes with those they served and leaving positive impressions on every one of their encounters. Such a level of service boosted public confidence and quality of life, improving the balance between citizens and law enforcement while enhancing public safety. 

The documentary CMPD Serves: To Protect and Service One Year after Launch highlights their progress.

Chick-fil-A is America’s Favorite Restaurant for the 8th Straight Year

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) results are in and consumers said they prefer full-service restaurants over fast food. Additionally, the survey found that Americans’ satisfaction with fast-food restaurants decreased by 2.6% in the past year, earning the category a score of 76. Full-service restaurants maintained their score of 80 in 2021. However, none of those facts stopped customer service leader Chick-fil-A from receiving a score of 83, which was the highest overall score in the ACSI restaurant survey, and for the eighth straight year, they are #1 in restaurant industry customer satisfaction.

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The fast-food chain with the lowest score was McDonald’s coming in at 68 (a decline in customer satisfaction of 3% from last year).

Top Fast-Food Restaurants Customer Satisfaction Scores

  • Chick-fil-A (83)
  • Jimmy John’s (79)
  • Domino’s (78)
  • KFC (78)
  • Chipotle (77)
  • Panera (77)
  • Pizza Hut (77)
  • Starbucks (77) 

Among national chains, we can look to Chick-fil-A’s business model to see why it’s an industry leader in the restaurant business, year after year. It goes beyond basics such as food quality, restaurant cleanliness, and speed of service. It’s about far more than chicken sandwiches. Chick-fil-A knows there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and its internal culture. The process of training customer service employees begins with higher standards in employee selection. This means choosing people with high character and those who exhibit chemistry with existing employees, investing in their training, offering leadership positions, and even supporting their goals outside of their roles at Chick-fil-A. This approach attracts and retains great talent, leads to an overall frictionless customer experience, inspires customer loyalty, and keeps the company in the top spot as a leader in customer satisfaction.

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The #1 Way to Motivate Your Leaders

Ask any leader what inspires them the most and promotes a more positive outlook, sense of meaning, and a strong sense of commitment on a daily basis. Almost unanimously, these role models will tell you about “professional development”. Nothing will galvanize your leaders and increase their job satisfaction more than your investing in making them more effective leaders, smarter, and better prepared for the rapidly changing landscape. An investment in leadership skills yields many positive returns. Leadership development benefits include the ability of senior executives to bring intellectual stimulation and fresh knowledge back to their teams. It enables them to share inspiring visions to raise common goals–and elevate both organizational behaviors and thus, organizational culture–to new levels.

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We are so thrilled to announce that Joel Sylvester will be presenting at this year’s Customer Service Revolution. With over 20 years of crafting exceptional customer experiences under his belt, Joel’s career spans hundreds of companies, working with brands like Mayo Clinic, and Wells Fargo, helping each enhance their customer experience. Joel has recruited, trained, and coached award-winning customer service teams across the world in retail, banking, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

The title of Joel’s presentation is How to Build a World-class Call Center: Technology You Need to Implement Right Now. Are you struggling to create the world-class customer service your company needs? During this session, learn how to leverage the right technology in your call center to boost your customer satisfaction scores. AI, IVA’s, recruitment technology, and more will be covered.

EPISODE 092 OF THE CSREVOLUTION PODCAST: AI and Your Contact Center With Joel Sylvester


“Energy attracts people like nothing else. People love energy. Energy is about a vibe,

a person’s spirit, and the fire they have inside of them.”

Customer Experience Executive Academy

As a result of our 2022 Customer eXperience Executive Academy (CXEA) selling out, we have added a second class that will start in September 2022. The Customer Experience Executive Academy is a 12-month part-time program. The CXEA student is required to attend quarterly 3-day intensive training sessions, in Cleveland, as well as participate in virtual meetings twice a quarter. Quarter 1 is September 13th – 15th

Having worked with the top Customer Service organizations in the world, The DiJulius Group’s CXEA course gives you both theoretical and practical experience on how to elevate the levels of service at your company. With the increasing need for the Customer eXperience Executive in businesses today, the CXEA teaches the X Commandment Methodology, which covers all facets and responsibilities that fall under Customer Experience. Unlike any other institution, the CXEA’s focus, strictly on the Customer and Employee Experience, prepares leaders to champion change at any company, regardless of industry.

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