Spectating is the New Cancer

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Spectators are the ones using an exorbitant amount of time viewing reality tv, binge watching Netflix series, spending too much time on social media and headline news versus physically doing stuff like exercising, learning, collaborating, building relationships, enjoying the outside, and spending quality time with family and friends. 

The key phrase here is “exorbitant amount.” There is nothing wrong with good, old fashioned entertainment. Be we know today’s touchscreen age coupled with the pandemic has taken spectating to an entirely new level. In fact, a new study shows watching TV is linked to an increased colorectal cancer risk before age 50. I am sure this includes video gaming. 

I was guilty of this as soon as the pandemic hit. I watched every season, every episode of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and started on Ray Donovan and Blacklist. They were great time killers, but they didn’t motivate me. In fact, they did the opposite. None of the main characters were someone I aspired to be like. So I transitioned to listening to audio biographies. I listened to books about the lives of Elon Musk, Howard Schultz, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Phil Night. 

I found those more thrilling, entertaining and inspiring than any Netflix series. I couldn’t wait to get back in the car or go for another run to see what happened next.

“The amount of time a person spectates versus participates 

correlates to their attitude, success, & happiness.”

Let me say that again: the amount of time a person spectates versus participates correlates to their attitude, success, & happiness.

Beware of Doomscrolling & Doomsurfing

With the deadly pandemic, police brutality, protests, conspiracy theories, and ugly politics, it can start to feel like humanity sucks. Doomscrolling and doomsurfing are new terms referring to the addictive tendency to constantly surf or scroll through bad news. Unfettered media consumption skews our perception of reality and it becomes easy to slide into unhealthy patterns of belief. 

People who get addicted to doomscrolling report loss of sleep, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and other negative mental health symptoms.

Our mind is the most important ally we have, even more important than our bodies. Don’t let your mind become victims of all the insanity. Stress and fear negatively impact our immune system and worse, our mental health. What we talk about we bring about. 

Remember our employees, our customers, even our kids are watching and listening to how we react and behave. We need to demonstrate the confidence that this WILL pass and we WILL get through this. 

I was having a zoom call with the CEO/President of a company that is a consulting client of The DiJulius Group and we were discussing the crazy times we are in. He admitted he was really struggling with depression for the first time in his life. He finally snapped himself out it by making one small change. He went to parental controls on all of his devices (iPhone, iPad, and laptop) and blocked himself from all his headline news apps. He said within 48 hours he felt like a completely different person, with a much better positive outlook.

Quote of The Week 


“Listen like you are wrong”


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