The Best Way to Gain a Competitive Advantage Today

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The Best Way to Gain a Competitive Advantage Today
By John DiJulius, Chief Revolution Officer

COVID-19 is not changing the future, it is accelerating it. Even before 2020, we were living in the “digital disruption era.” Our current situation is allowing too many businesses to hide behind technology even more than before.

The more you place technology between the company and the customer, the more you remove the human experience. People crave human interaction. Customers desire recognition and a personalized experience; technology can never be empathetic or build relationships. In short, technology cannot provide genuine hospitality. It cannot express empathy, make people feel cared for, express emotions and vulnerability in a relatable way, or make people smile and laugh.

The pendulum has swung over to high tech and low or even no touch. Consequently we long for a sense of community, belonging, and purpose, a world in which people actually know our name, what we do, what is important to us, and have trust in one another. Today trust is an endangered value. Those who understand that human touch is the most important part of any experience, especially a great customer experience, will flourish. Personally and professionally, success is increasingly about creating and building human connections.

Of all the skills we can work at daily, the one that will have the biggest impact on us personally and professionally, is the ability to build an instant connection with others. This is way more than a mere communication skill. It is the ability to communicate with a purpose—to build your community at every stage of your life. Building a relationship with someone else, whether an acquaintance, friend, customer, coworker, or a total stranger, is far and away the most important skill every human being should be taught at an early age and then should hone throughout life. This skill should be taught at home, in school from pre-kindergarten to graduate school, and, of course, in business. Unfortunately it is rarely taught in any formal way.

Focusing strictly on a digital experience will eliminate customer loyalty and emotional connection to a brand, which is why the Relationship Economy is emerging. Business leaders around the world have to take advantage of technology advancements while balancing a human experience that people crave, want, and need.

How to Thrive in The Nermal

For anyone and any business to thrive in the “Nermal” (new normal), they will have to master the art of relationship building now more than ever. In a Relationship Economy the primary currency is made up of the connections and trust among customers, employees, and vendors that create significantly more value in what we sell. These relationships and connections help make price irrelevant.

The Relationship Economy is about building a culture that recognizes the importance of each individual and of making everyone a part of a community that is working toward something bigger—a community that makes them feel cared for.

The Relationship Economy is how strongly you feel about the people and businesses in your life. Relationships are the biggest differentiator in customer and brand loyalty. Relationships are at the center of all we do.

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 2.   Best Practice I Want to Share 

I was having a zoom call with the CEO/President of a company that is a consulting client of The DiJulius Group, and we were discussing the crazy times we are in. I have always known him to be extremely positive no matter what he or his business is going through. Surprisingly he shared with me that he found himself obsessing with fear and anxiety over the past few months. That was until he made one small change, which snapped him back into himself. What was that one small change? He went to parental controls on all of his devices (iPhone, iPad, and laptop) and blocked himself from all his headline news apps. He said within 48 hours he felt like a completely different person, with a much better positive outlook. Don’t let sensationalism and consensus thinking distort your attitude.



3.    Short Video You Need To Watch & Share With Your Team

I love this three-minute video poem by my good friend and speaker Holy Stiel about the silver lining that is a result of our current circumstances.


4.    Tom Bilyeu Speaking at The 2020 Customer Service Revolution

TomBilyeu33, The DiJulius GroupThe DiJulius Group is thrilled to announce that Tom Bilyeu will be speaking at this year’s virtual Customer Service Revolution. Bilyeu is the co-founder of billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Personally driven to expand people’s vision of wellness to a 360-degree view that encompasses body and mind, Tom created Impact Theory to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world. Through his content and public speaking, he inspires people around the world to unlock their potential and pursue greatness. Tom was named one of Success Magazine’s Top 25 Influential People in 2018 and Entrepreneur of the Year by Secret Entourage in 2016.


5.    Newest Episode of The Customer Service Revolution Podcast

Episode 016: “The Practice”

CSR Ep016 FB Feature 1, The DiJulius GroupIn this episode, The DiJulius Group’s Chief Revolution Officer John DiJulius talks with best-selling author Seth Godin about his newest book The Practice: Shipping Creative Work, coming out November 2020.

In this interview with Seth, you will learn:

  • How Seth got started in his career
  • Success and failures of Seth’s career
  • In depth preview of Seth’s newest book The Practice: Shipping Creative Work that is launching November 2020
  • How skill and talent are not the same
  • Passion is a choice
  • You can be a leader without having anyone underneath you
  • What Seth wants his legacy to be
  • How to deal with the pandemic
  • What Seth will be presenting on at the 2020 Virtual Customer Service Revolution


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