Build an Insanely Loyal Customer Base

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3 Ways to Build an Insanely Loyal Customer Base - Article brought to you by Lessonly, sponsor of the 2018 Customer Service Revolution Conference in Cleveland, Ohio

There’s no doubt that building loyalty among customers is more important than ever before. When competitors are just a click away, it’s crucial for companies to go above and beyond to create strong relationships with their customers. If they don’t, they can lose that customer in the blink of an eye.

So, how do companies keep their customers coming back again and again? Lessonly’s CEO, Max Yoder, and COO, Conner Burt, joined OpenView for a discussion on how we’ve designed and optimized our customer experience efforts. Here are three steps for any organization to successfully build and retain a vibrant customer base.

Customers should always be top of mind. Listen to the entire podcast to learn what great customer retention looks like and how to improve your efforts.


Know and understand your customers

Customers are the foundation of long-term business growth and success. But it’s not enough to just acquire new customers—companies need to show current customers that they’re valued. Conner notes that “At the end of the day, it comes down to building good relationships with your customers.” We’re lucky to have some of the best customers on earth, and we love spending time with them and helping them reach their goals. But we also need their feedback. Many organizations wait until their customer leaves to gather feedback on what worked, what didn’t, and why they left.

Quote by Conner Burt, COO of Lessonly who is sponsoring the 2018 Customer Service Revolution Conference in Cleveland, Ohio

We’ve found that it’s beneficial to gather continuous feedback from our customers. By spending time with people who love our product just as much as those who may be having trouble with it, we’re able to gather valuable insights that help us improve the customer experience. This enables us to create and improve products and services so that learners have a better experience—and our customers stay customers.


Create a culture of superior service

Customers have a lot of power. The moment they receive less than exceptional customer service, they’ll likely take their business elsewhere. In fact, 33% of Americans say they’d consider switching companies after just one single instance of poor service. Businesses can alleviate customer churn by instilling a customer-centric approach in everything they do.

While many organizations promote a service culture for their customer experience or support teams, it’s beneficial to spread that culture across every team—from sales to product. Max highlights the importance of leaders setting clear expectations, “By modeling a specific behavior, it shows that everyone in the company should act that way—whether you’re dealing with a customer or not.” This mindset is extremely beneficial to growing teams—it builds a foundation of customer service that every employee can contribute to. Then, as new members join the team, they quickly learn what it means to deliver superior service.

“[Retaining customers] really starts with bringing aboard folks who really care deeply about treating people with a tremendous amount of respect and attention.” - Quote by Max Yoder, CEO of Lessonly who is sponsoring the 2018 Customer Service Revolution Conference in Cleveland, Ohio

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Focus on high-priority and high-impact

Organizations that try to prioritize customer retention oftentimes focus on too many things at once. While it’s easy to get bogged down in customer data, teams that have the most success in retention use that data to identify and limit the number of business objectives they tackle at one time.

“To really improve and move the needle of retention in a quarter’s time, you only need to do one or two things really well.” - Quote by Conner Burt, COO of Lessonly who is sponsoring the 2018 Customer Service Revolution Conference in Cleveland, Ohio

Focus matters, and we’ve slimmed down the list of things that we experiment with to devote our focus to the most high-priority, high-impact objectives. Max also notes, “Look at what’s working and how you can do more of that, instead of putting all of your attention on the one thing that isn’t working.” This strategy, also called Appreciative Inquiry, motivates a team and provides a greater perspective on how to effectively increase retention.

Building and retaining a loyal customer base takes planning and intentionality from an entire organization. By promoting a service culture that prioritizes objective—and puts the customer first—companies can turn loyal customers into raving fans.


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