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The DiJulius Group held our annual Customer Service Revolution October 24th and 25th in Cleveland, Ohio. It has grown into the #1 Customer Service conference with a community of 700 extremely passionate revolutionaries, from all over the world, looking to create brands customers cannot live without and make price irrelevant. This year was The DiJulius Group’s 10th conference with the highest ratings ever. Here are the key takeaways from the amazing lineup of best selling authors, subject matter experts, and world-class brand executives.



Christine Cashen

The Secret to Get What You Want With What You’ve Got!


  1. D0bdc3e8 F035 4387 9cbf E797dc151aa2, The DiJulius GroupBOOGIE: Be Outstanding Or Get Involved Elsewhere!
  2. You can be the fountain or you can be the drain—choose wisely
  3. Make a “2-hour good mood commitment” in the morning—what you say comes your way!


Mark Sanborn

How To Make The Ordinary Extraordinary


  1. 955d6a69 085e 4828 Be8d Dc1b400e2a15, The DiJulius GroupNobody can prevent you from being extraordinary. You may not have been taught, encouraged or rewarded for it, but you can still make the choice.
  2. The first job of leadership is to prove significance to others. Team members that don’t feel significant rarely make significant contributions.
  3. Beware the “flaming marshmallows.” They are little things that appear to be a big deal but distract you from the important work you should be doing.



Neen James

Attention Pays


    1. 5ab989e3 48ae 4761 981f 0dbff26b110f, The DiJulius GroupListen with your eyes: Remember we don’t just listen with our ears; we listen with our eyes, our heart and our soul.
    2. Pay attention to what matters: Choose who deserves your attention, what deserves your attention and how you will pay attention in the world.
    3. Systemize thoughtfulness: Make time to be thoughtful: use names, write handwritten notes, send cards, and smile more often.


Eric Chester

How To Ignite Passion In Your People To Fan The Flames Of Customer Engagement


  1. 39fb1502 1721 4b0f 975d 18d5d5ec6f70, The DiJulius GroupWe don’t have a skills gap. We have a core values gap. This has been created by a transformational shift in the way we are preparing students for careers. The focus is on college prep, not work prep. Work ethic is on the decline.
  2. Employers need to be prepared to inculcate soft skills in the emerging workforce. They have the desire to perform and they have many important technical skills, but they haven’t been prepared for the workplace. Their view of customer service is point-and-click; the smile and the thank you are optional.
  3. To win the war for front line talent, you don’t have to be Google. You simply have to be a better place to work than the other employers in your industry, and your community.



Kindra Hall

The Irresistible Power Of Strategic Storytelling


  1. Ca8d44bd 8621 48dc 876a D42519716b37, The DiJulius GroupStories are the key to bridging the most important gaps in business.
  2. Even small stories can make a big difference.
  3. As long as you’re doing business with people… people want to hear stories.



Judson Laipply

Lead Your Evolution


  1. 4c0fe9c9 7b18 4991 8fa7 0ece3022a619, The DiJulius GroupThe meaning TO life is to evolve. To constantly get better….it’s not about being the best. It’s about being better.
  2. Let go of the bad potato moments that are out of your realm of control by focusing your choices and asking “What now?”
  3. Struggle means growth and growth means evolution so embrace the struggles that strengthen.



2018 Customer Service Revolution Conference Audio

Whether you were at the Revolution seeing it unfold live or you were unable to get a ticket, we now have the 2018 Customer Service Revolution audio available for you to hear and share with your entire organization.


Speaker Audio, The DiJulius Group



Sasha Strauss

Rise of the Herogen


  1. 2fbb39aa 5d8f 4598 Beda 5ab412357cf4, The DiJulius GroupCustomers don’t buy what they don’t know exists: be easy to find when they’re ready to buy.
  2. Customers buy from who they learn from: teach don’t sell.
  3. Customers want to express themselves: be what helps them express who they are and why they matter.



Dina Dwyer-Owens

How To Achieve Success In Your Life And Business With A Proven Code Of Values


  1. Be76d217 85c9 4ebc 8868 C59ee8909ff3, The DiJulius GroupHave clearly written values and a team that is aligned in those values.
  2. Create a system around keeping your values front and center every day.
  3. Values create value in more ways than one.


John DiJulius

State of Service


  1. Ac27b946 31dd 4e81 888a 674cb19abfe0, The DiJulius GroupBy 2025, there will be more machines in the workforce than humans.
  2. Retail is making a comeback for the retailers who are staging incredible experiences. Experience + Retail = Experientail.
  3. The disruptive force happening today in business is good old relationship building.



Katie Mares

How To Tailor Your Customer Experience For The Decision Maker…Women


  1. 27e944aa 8499 4775 80f7 3923abcd33db, The DiJulius GroupThere is a scientific power to the emotions people go through when falling in love…these same emotions and hormones are experienced through the journey the female customer has with you.
  2. There are two major physiological differences between men and women, which affect how women perceive an experience. First, the woman’s limbic brain is double the size of a man’s, which makes the emotional connection she has with your brand so important. Second, women communicate using both sides of their brain where men only use one. The adage Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus proves true.
  3. Build relationships. Relationships result in trust and loyalty. Take the time to connect with your female consumer; it’ll pay off in repeat business and referrals.



Jaime Pun

How To Be A Successful Customer eXperience Executive


  1. 02a63f83 69b6 433c 88ad Ee06d4f7168f, The DiJulius GroupChange is always an opportunity. While implementing the X Commandments, a lot of changes will be needed (staff, processes, training etc.). Have in mind that these changes are an investment that will pay big time in guest experience, guest satisfaction and ultimately profits.
  2. Make it part of your culture. Don’t rush the process, make sure to implement and have time to train your team members how to “live” your Service Vision before you move to the next step.
  3. Buy in is a must. Make sure to have enough buy in to move forward. Find what is in there for everyone and verbalize it as many times and as loud as you can.



Adam Toporek

Be Your Team’s Hero


  1. 1e7dea6c 3ec2 46b3 Bbda F953b2af8778, The DiJulius GroupInternal friction leads to external friction. Unnecessary policies rob employees of the power to help customers.
  2. If you say customer experience is important, invest your resources in it. Put your money where your message is.
  3. Take the fear and emotion out of empowering employees. Empower teams financially based on customer lifetime value.



Andrew Sykes

Creating Awesome Customer Service As A Habit


  1. 6aba9a6b 5e4b 4380 A021 B1428e1be6a2, The DiJulius GroupYour brand, your culture and your customers’ experience are all determined entirely by the habits of your employees. Who we are, and who we become, as people and as companies, is a function of our daily habits. Our habits ARE our destiny.
  2. Ten employee habits create magnetic customer service (see for the list)
  3. To create magnetic habits in employees, design the four “contexts” that surround them at work. The physical spaces, business processes, the behavior of peers and managers and their mindset (Spaces, Systems, Social, Self). Why? Our habits are encoded in our surroundings, and we behave for the most part, as a response to those surroundings.
*Purchase Andrew’s new book The 11th Habit that just launched this week.


Dave Murray

Feedback: How To Get It, Give It And What To Do With It


  1. 549bf6d9 E32a 4017 8adc A9e74da4c8d4, The DiJulius GroupGetting Feedback: Remember to practice self-awareness. We may hear some things that we do not see in ourselves—that does not mean they are not true.
  2. Giving Feedback: Work to create a safe place when sharing ideas and thoughts. Research tells us that only 30% of feedback gets put into action, and many times that is because the mere mention of the word feedback can make the recipient defensive and put them in fear.
  3. What to do with it: Make sure that you are using the right metrics! So many organizations use data and other feedback to measure satisfaction, but very often they are not tied to customer satisfaction at all. A great example comes from the call center world, where average handle was once the king of customer satisfaction metrics. While this might be very helpful in gauging efficiencies or staffing models, it really tells us nothing about how satisfied our customers are.



Jess Bound

Retaining Your Millennial Talent


  1. 0ed1374e 6059 454a 840a 9a3a90d77411, The DiJulius GroupProfessional Development: Employees are craving the knowledge they need to do their job better.
  2. Give Them Something To Talk About: Veterans at your office won’t leave if you don’t offer additional employee benefits/perks, but your Millennials will. They talk to their peers and see other organizations that have chat-worthy office perks. They will jump ship if you don’t make an effort to change the culture and give them something to talk about.
  3. Build relationships: Employees don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses. Take the time to cultivate a relationship with your team by using the FORD methodology.



Brittni Walker

How To Be A Successful Customer eXperience Executive


  1. 77d80457 388f 433c 9bd1 Ebd2c2397f91, The DiJulius GroupFocus on your internal customer—your employees.
  2. Define world-class service in your organization. You cannot assume employees know your standard of service.
  3. Being a world-class organization never stops. You must always focus on training while continuing to set the bar higher.



Dr. Willie Jolley

Achieving Greatness with an Attitude of Excellence!


  1. F974855e B750 4b8b B68e D859504b12dd, The DiJulius GroupPursue a workplace culture of excellence.
  2. Seek leadership development no matter their position in the organization.
  3. Embrace change as a positive factor.



Pete Smith

What’s NOT Being Said NEEDS To Be Understood


  1. D677e0ba 3ddb 4e6b 9b09 21097b6e77e3, The DiJulius GroupYour “red-tinted lens” affects the stories you tell and the way you interpret information.
  2. Establish a “Yes, and…” policy in your team meetings to increase initiative and creativity.
  3. Incorporating humility into your communication elevates your effectiveness as a communicator.



Cal DiJulius

Believe in Dreams Charity


  1. D104c444 C6b1 4d83 84af Cef848bd6631, The DiJulius GroupThe biggest obstacle to kids who have suffered from severe hardship is that they don’t have imaginations. They don’t know how to dream, because to them, nothing is realistic.
  2. Every person has a right to pursue happiness, hope and the ability to dream, and to dream big. Every person in the audience has enjoyed that right.
  3. At Believe in Dreams, we feel that it is our responsibility to bestow that right to every child possible, especially for the ones that had that right stripped away. When you are able to give happiness, hope and the ability to dream to others, you find all of those things for yourself.



CSRev ’19

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Customer Service Revolution, September 11th-12th, in Cleveland, Ohio. Tickets are available now at $1,000 off.


CSR Audience Attendees Clapping, The DiJulius Group


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