The Best Customer Experience Content from 2020

The results are in! The DiJulius Group top customer service blogs, podcasts, and videos from 2020 are listed below. I recommend sharing this with your entire team. 


Our Top Blogs from 2020


  1. How to Make 2021 Your Greatest Year by Weaponizing Adversity
  2. The Incredible Opportunities Out of the Coronavirus Crisis in Your Personal Life
  3. Why Your Best Is NOT Good Enough
  4. Stepping Up as a Leader in a Crisis
  5. How to Reduce the #1 Cause of Anxiety
  6. How to Make an Inspiring New Employee Orientation Class
  7. How to Understand the Irreversible Impact of the Pandemic on Business
  8. Spectating is the New Cancer
  9. Your Customer Experience in the New Normal
  10. How to Cure Your Zoom Fatigue 


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Our Top Podcasts from 2020

  1. Key Takeaways from Today’s Featured Leader: Howard Schultz
  2. The Practice with Seth Godin
  3. If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Wrong with Arnie Malham
  4. Giving a World-Class Employee and Customer Experience with Mike and Tina Hodges
  5. Health & Wellness Has Never Been More Vital Than It Is Today with Dr. Paul Bizjak


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Our Top Videos from 2020

  1. How to Stay Positive in a World of Chaos 
  2. What Will Be Your Quarantine Narrative? 
  3. The Incredible Opportunities out of the Coronavirus Crisis in Your Personal Life
  4. Uncertainty is the #1 Cause of Anxiety
  5. Be the Best Decision Your Employees Have Ever Made During the Pandemic


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