Best Ted Talk of 2024 / Bestseller / Trickflation / What it Takes to be One of the Best Companies to Work For

Best Ted Talk of 2024 / The Employee Experience Revolution Hits Bestseller / Trickflation / What it Takes to be One of the Best Companies to Work For / New EX Academy / 50% off EXR books

The Employee Experience Revolution Hits BestsellerIMG 2932, The DiJulius Group

The Employee Experience Revolution: Increase Employee Morale, Retain Your Workforce, and Drive Business Growth by John DiJulius and Dave Murray was officially released to the public on June 10th and immediately hit the best-seller list. We want to thank everyone who helped make this possible.

EXR books at 50% off

Many of our clients have contacted us about ordering for their leadership team. As a thank-you gift for helping us become a best-seller, we are offering 50% off of every case of books (30) you order. You can order here and use code EXR50 to get your 50% off.

Amazing TED Talk

Scott Galloway’s TED talk How the US Is Destroying Young People’s Future is one of my all-time favorites and well worth watching. In a scorching talk, marketing professor and podcaster Scott Galloway dissects the data showing that, by many measures, young people in the US are worse off financially than ever before. He unpacks the root causes and effects of this “great intergenerational theft,” asking why we let it continue and showing how we could make it end.

Greedflation Continues

By now, you have all heard of the term “shrinkflation,” a strategy, a form of retail camouflage in which consumers pay more for a growing range of products without realizing it. By shrinking typical item

sizes and net weights, companies and businesses aim to cover rising labor and material costs without increasing the prices of their products while hoping consumer spending will remain at the same level.

This cagey method of value adjustment is particularly reflected in food prices. You may not notice if a bag of chips has five fewer chips or if your roll of paper towels contains fewer sheets. Manufacturers don’t think consumers will realize these seemingly small adjustments. For example, Gatorade reduced their bottle size from 32 to 28 ounces while charging the same price, about aTrickflation Coke, The DiJulius Group 14 percent price increase.

A New Strategy Called “Trickflation”

Trickflation is a strategy of changing a product’s packaging to make it look larger and raise its price. However, the product’s size has not increased, thus tricking the customer.

A Reddit user posted a photo of two different Coca-Cola cans, which is sadly a perfect example of trickflation. The can is significantly taller, yet thinner, and is priced at $2.37 versus the traditional can, which was $1.06; both are 12 oz.


Employee eXperience Executive Academy Launches this September

Starting this fall will be our first Employee eXperience Executive Academy (EXEA) Class.  Guided by the renowned DiJulius Group, this comprehensive program empowers leaders, HR teams, and emerging managers to create a workplace where inspiration thrives, teams are fulfilled, and growth is inevitable. Through our years of experience, we have seen many companies miss opportunities for leadership development, resulting in “accidental” managers who struggle to lead effectively.  Through no fault of their own, these leaders add to the complexity of attracting and retaining top talent, impacting business growth and success.

Best Companies to Work For

In 2024, improving their internal culture and increasing employee engagement and employee retention will be among the leading strategies for businesses. According to research on what it took to make the Fortune Magazine’s list of Best Companies to Work For is less about extravagant pay and benefits and more about trust, culture, and purpose. “We used to write a lot about the perks. But what we know is that a great workplace is defined by trust—the trust that we have for the people that we work with. We want to be respected. We want to be communicated with in an honest way. We want to be treated in a fair and equitable way. We want to work with people that we enjoy working with and we expect leaders to add people to teams that are going to add to that enjoyment. And we want our work to have special meaning, which means, when we go to work, our personal purpose is somehow fulfilled by the work that we do,” said Michael Bush, the CEO of Great Place to Work.

Chris Nassetta, CEO of Hilton Hotels, shared the key to having high employee morale is tying purpose to team members jobs, “My team has to be inspired. They have to feel part of something bigger than them. They have to understand what the purpose is and understand how they fit into it and trust it. They have to feel good about it. And when they do feel good about it, they feel empowered. They give more effort, which translates into alpha and delivering better experiences for customers.”

Penny Pennington, Managing Partner of Edward Jones, said employee motivation it is about creating trust and building human connections, “Why are we here? Why do we get up every morning? Why do we continue to be resilient in the face of so many things that are changing for our clients and for us as professionals. Well, it’s because it really matters. It really matters in the lives of millions and millions of people that we are entrusted with their assets, with their hopes and dreams, with their financial plans. And so that trust, that human connection is very purposeful.”

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