The Best Customer & Employee Experience Content of 2021

The results are in! The DiJulius Group’s top customer service blogs, podcasts, and videos from 2021 are listed below. I recommend sharing this with your entire team.

Our Top Blogs from 2021

    1. Stop Calling it a Labor Shortage—It is a Turnover Crisis
    2. How to Train your Employees to Deal with Irrational Customer Rage
  1. The Great Resignation – Employees are Quitting at Record Rates
  2. 6 Ways to Remove Employee Roulette from your Brand’s Customer Experience
  3. How to Create Virtual Energy thru Weekly Team Rallies
  4. Businesses Must Manage Customers’ Expectations by Being Totally Transparent
  5. How To Reduce Turnover and Retain the Top Talent in an Employee Market
  6. The #1 way to Teach your Employees to have Incredible Customer Empathy
  7. Want to Know the Secret? It is the Service Stupid
  8. Are your Managers “Heroes” or “Zeros” when Putting out Customer Fires?

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Our Top Podcasts from 2021

1.     A World-Class Patient Experience: Dr. Vance Thompson
2.     Starting a Customer Service Revolution in Policing in the US: Chief Johnny Jennings
3.     Tough Times: Tougher Teams: Stan Slap
4.     The Legacy of Tony Hsieh, The Man Who Built Zappos into a Customer Experience Powerhouse
5.     The Secret Behind how Chick-fil-A gets their Young Workforce to Deliver World-Class Customer Service Consistently: Ryan Magnon

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Our Top Videos from 2021

1.     How to be the Brand EMPLOYEES can’t live Without
2.     Day in the Life of a Customer
3.     Relationship Hack – Making a Strong Emotional Connection Within 30 Seconds
4.     How to Look for a Gift in Every Conversation
5.     Stop Calling it a Labor Shortage; It is a Turnover Crisis
6.     Those who Dominate will be the Brands that Evolve both the Employee & Customer Experience

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Class of ’22 Customer eXperience Executive Academy almost SOLD OUT

Screen Shot 2021 12 14 At 3.31.00 AM, The DiJulius GroupOur 2022 Customer eXperience Executive Academy (CXEA) has a few more spots left in it. The CXEA course is a 12-month part-time program. The CXEA student is required to attend quarterly 3-day intensive training sessions, in Cleveland, as well as participate in virtual meetings once a quarter. Quarter 1 is February 22nd-25th.

Having worked with the top Customer Service organizations in the world, The DiJulius Group’s CXEA course gives you both theoretical and practical experience on how to elevate the levels of service at your company. With the increasing need for the Customer eXperience Executive in businesses today, the CXEA uses the X Commandment Methodology, which covers all facets and responsibilities that fall under Customer Experience. Unlike any other institution, the CXEA’s focus, strictly on the Customer and Employee experience, prepares leaders to champion change at any company, regardless of industry.

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John R. DiJulius is a best-selling author, consultant, keynote speaker and President of The DiJulius Group, the leading Customer experience consulting firm in the nation. He blogs on Customer experience trends and best practices.