How to Avoid your CX Initiatives from Being Another Flavor of the Month

You’ve spent months executing a new initiative to help streamline things for your team. Manuals have been created, processes have been approved, the collateral has been ordered, and the team may be weary – however, leadership is SO EXCITED for the culmination of this investment. The day arrives, the notice goes out to the team, manuals hit desks… and within two weeks, nothing has changed. Does no one want to see change? Don’t they want to improve the day-to-day?

Meanwhile, your team members are struggling to get through the day, and all they see is yet another “new” looming task on their plate. All they can do is avoid eye contact with that fresh new manual that may as well be in the recycling bin – unless you plan a successful project launch!

The truth is your team member sees yet another “flavor of the month”. They are already drowning in tasks, Slacks, meetings, emails, reports, and Zooms. If the intent is for a project to stick, we need to build excitement over with the launch and show them the WIIFM (What’s in It for Me) they are looking for. The most critical part of any project launch is the implementation and execution. That is where most projects fail.

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Loden Vision Centers, located in the greater Nashville area, is the region’s #1 vision center. They are a legacy family organization that has always found pride in building relationships with their patients. They recently decided to create and launch their very own Customer Experience Action Statement, supporting pillars, Nevers & Always standards, and Day in the Life of a Customer video.

They wanted to create a launch experience that would be memorable, fun, and long-lasting. To show the team how important this initiative was, they shut down all 5 of their locations for a full day to bring everyone together as a team. This helped instill the family and community feel that can sometimes be lacking with a multi-location team.

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Guess Who, The DiJulius Group

To keep team members engaged, they crafted an agenda that allowed for education, entertainment, and engagement among peers. They utilized an offsite location with ample space and provided fun snackslike cookies that incorporated their new standards.There was a game involving their leadership team and surgeons, where everyone had to play Guess Who to match the baby photo to the right individual. They had exciting prizes for the winners of the game as well as some raffle prizes just for participation.

To open the day, they did brief introductions with leadership members, shared a bit of company history, and conducted a Q&A session with their Founder and President, Dr. James Loden. We then introduced the Customer Service Revolution to the team with a keynote focused on the importance of a Customer Experience Action Statement. The Loden CX Steering Committee members then each owned a standard, which they presented to the team using variations of role-playing, funny clips from movies, and examples of real-life customers from their Vision Centers. By varying the presenters and types of content, team members were engaged and entertained throughout the process!

In addition to a tear-inducing Day in the Life of a Customer video, the Loden Vision team created TikTok-style videos to introduce examples of their Never & Always situations. This gave employees ownership in the creation of the materials before the launch and made it a fun memorable way to keep examples top of mind. These were simply shot and edited on someone’s phone and can now live on as training material for orientation for new hires, or reinforcement down the road with current team members.Duck, The DiJulius Group

Ducks have always been a large part of their team’s internal culture, so when they created the standard Never show frustration,Always “Be a Duck” – a duck glides across the water, but paddles like crazy underneath. They naturally knew they had to have a little fun with it. Not only did they get duck stress balls made, but they also purchased inflatable duck costumes for the surgeons to come out dancing in and distribute them to the crowd!

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How you launch a new initiative is crucial, we know how important first impressions can be. By showing your team the dedication to the ongoing use of the tools and allowing them to be a part of the excitement, you too will gain buy-in that is unmatched.


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